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Offers, as soon as they work... Paused, Stopped, Kaput

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Marco Acero, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Marco Acero

    Marco Acero Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys, there might be a ton of practicals solutions for this issue, but I am not aware of any and would like to ask for your input.

    As the title suggests, one struggles, grinds, optimizes; all that fun stuff until finally, you see the light at the end of the tunnel; profitability for an offer. But it would seem that sometimes that lucky break is all it takes for the offer, to STOP. Including advertiser running out of budget, offer being paused for no reason, etc. That's a big issue since that piece of business is gone, at least momentarily. But my question is about a more pressing matter:

    How to know, quickly enough, when this happens to close that money drain before you spend the pressure profits you might have made in lost traffic.

    What systems can one put in place to prevent these loses in particular when one might be spread too thin with a number of offers, a number of networks (usually all failing because issue related to publishers) and maybe a number of traffic sources.

    As we know, those emails from the networks are usually late, really late, if there is any at all.

    Thanks guys.
  2. AdCombo
  3. Bloody Tourist

    Bloody Tourist Affiliate AffKit Ninja affiliate

    Wow thats a lot of text to ask a question ;) Most networks have the expiry date in the dashboard. Some send out reports with expiry dates. Some proactive am's will let you know when an offer you're promoting will expire. Sometimes offers will end abruptly, so always keep an eye on your camaigns. If you want to be sure ask you am to inform you when an offer will expire.