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  1. Honeybadger

    Push Ads --> Whats a Good Unsubscribe Rate?

    So I now got 700 push ad subscribers always get unsubscribes each push pushing only blog posts last push got 700 sends 11 clicks (1.5% CTR) 2 unsubscribes (0.3% unsub rate) Hey @T J Tutor cant find the correct forum for push ads looked under traffic sources
  2. dontbejello

    [Highly Important]Blogging Now Im Scared.

    I have been blogging on Tumblr and blogger for years. i even have a freelance website where i used to download images. now it's been years i never thought about this. Now I'm reading the other day that people can sue you into depression over one picture you got from the google search. S my...
  3. G

    Landing page time to load (HELP).

    Hi everyone! :) I want run offers with POP Traffic for mobile devices, but I have a lot questions. When I use "alerts" (javascript) "CONGRATS LUCKY WINNER" or "YOU ANDROID ARE AT RISK" on my landing pages the time to loads is 2.3s and when I don't use "alerts" the page load is 31ms, what do...
  4. Marco Acero

    Offers, as soon as they work... Paused, Stopped, Kaput

    Hello guys, there might be a ton of practicals solutions for this issue, but I am not aware of any and would like to ask for your input. As the title suggests, one struggles, grinds, optimizes; all that fun stuff until finally, you see the light at the end of the tunnel; profitability for an...