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Niche Marketing Paranoia - Niche Hunting Video

Linda Buquet

If you are "STUCK" and can't get moving on your 1st site or even your next site maybe fear, paranoia or conspiracy theories are to blame.

Fear of making a mistake...

Paranoia that as soon as you find that perfect niche Google will change their algo or the bottom will drop out of the Internet...

Conspiracy theories that it's not worth even starting because scammers, parasites and spammers will ruin your chance of milking this niche...

Sometimes giving in to fear is just a way to avoid WORK!
And sometimes indecision about picking a niche is just about fear of failure.

If you are stuck in the perpetual niche hunting phase - Check out this blog & video from Jeff Smith.

Niche Marketing Paranoia!

"But in many more cases, the niche market excuse is a cop-out, a convenient excuse for people to delay action, avoid taking risk and a way to get out of doing any work.

Given the many tools available online to brainstorm, investigate and decide on niche markets, anyone can pull niche market information within days. So if you are spending more than a few days deciding on a niche market, then you'll want to get some help because it shouldn't be taking that much time."

Below is a really good video for newbies about how to look for and find profitable niches by having the RIGHT mindset.

Jeff calls it the Millionaire Perspective. Now keep in mind he is primarily focused on creating your own info products, which is not an area I focus on at all. HOWEVER the tips he offers also work for finding good niches to sell traditional retail products too.

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You can read more about these principles and get more tips at:
Have You Got The "Millionaire Perspective?


Very interesting and yes, I see how you could use this info to affiliate with a niche product. I like the upbeat attitude -- it's catchy in a good way! Thanks, Linda!