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Newbie to the forums

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Nolo, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Nolo

    Nolo Guest

    I browsed this site a few times before and I have finally joined! Theres a lot of helpful tips and hits and I would like to make a great contribution.
  2. cpalife
  3. Larwee

    Larwee <b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator< affiliate

    Welcome to 5 Star, Nolo.

    What took you so long to join?

    It sounds as if you like what you have seen here so far, and that is good to know.

    Don't ever hesitate to ask questions if you have any. I see you are also wanting to make a contribution to help others who have questions. Jump in whenever you feel like it.
  4. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hi Nolo,

    Welcome to our forums and thanks for joining. I had to click to see what your program was about. Catchy company name for what you sell!
  5. Nolo

    Nolo Guest

    I appreciate the comments. It took me so long because I was working to launch the program :p . I also have checked out a lot of the other affiliate forums and the community isn't as friendly as it is here. Thats what has brought me back to 5 Star Forums.
  6. Larwee

    Larwee <b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator< affiliate

    Nolo, there are a lot of friendly people here and we will do everything possible to keep it a friendly community. We also have a very good fire department to keep the flames under control.

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