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newbie needs help (my 1st post)


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hello AFix! i'm a complete newbie who follows youtube videos on aff / cpa marketing. (because i've searched this website, but in vain) i'd like someone to explain to me: what is a bot? what is a widget? and what is a creative? thanks in advance!
Hello and welcome to AffiliateFix @HeelsKicks :D

A bot is a script/tool that a website owner would setup, to click ads. If you pay for traffic on a traffic source, they have tons to where we are paying for faked clicks and the website owner makes the money we spend.

A widget is a unique number for a website that ads are served on. They do this so you don't see the website, even though it's still possible to.

A creative is an image & headline used to attract visitors to click on your ads.

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask! :D
hello @NeverGiveUp and others!

first, how do people find success in affiliate marketing (when they are sticking revcontent ads on viral or news websites) when affiliates know full well that website owners have bots in place that will click on the ads and will enrich themselves? is there any way to advertise without being affected by bots?

second, when you say a widget is a unique number of a website, are you referring to website's ip address?

and third, can you please explain what is the difference between a creative and a native ad? (because native ads are also an image and a headline, trying to tempt us to click on them), thanks in advance, sir!
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I think you need to study a lot, there is so much to learn and it's not something that can be learnt overnight, native ads are creatives yes. No not an IP address lol, traffic sources such as revcontent assign websites with their unique ID this is the widget ID.

Yes you can lower the amount of bots by building a blacklist of the bot widgets..

Stay on this forum and read all of the great value you now have at your fingertips, you will learn a lot here.

Be patient, seems like you've searched for a whole 5 minutes and want answers already, take it step by step.