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  1. N

    Telegram Bot

    Hello, Im looking for a Telegram bot that can do the following things Post video's and picture + text and URL Schedule post Repost post that are already posted I already posted like 200 video's and pictures in one of my channels, i would like to repost these post and some times update the...
  2. MasterOfHearts

    Are these Click-Bots?

    So...First Day of my campaign just got over and I was looking at the data and I saw something interesting. There are no Views But There are Clicks. If that's even Possible??? So are these what we call Click-Bots?
  3. Musa33173

    Seeking expert advice about RichAds

    My budget is very low so I want to ask the experts what is the traffic quality of "RichAds" Is it ok to run a campaign on "RichAds" as new? With their traffic quality, they say that "RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore. We block any bot or other fraudulent traffic." How reasonable...
  4. A

    popunder traffic sources withot bot and convert

    Hey all, i am looking for popunder traffic sources withot bot and convert for mainstream offer I have tried propellerads and popads and popcash They were all containing bots and iframs , which caused me a great loss, the percentage of visits that appeared in the statistics was 50% less...
  5. M

    ZeroPark weird traffic source URL

    I'm new at ZeroPark, I started some campaign to collect data, then I realized that many traffic are very weird with a very strange {target_url}. It's like it's bought from other ad networks like popcash, or others are not validated url at all. here are some examples of weird {target_url}...
  6. webDOMinator

    CSP Causes Slow Death for Embedded Browser Bots

    The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability. -Henry Ford The Death of Embedded Browser Bots? There's a new thing top sites are using now which has to do with browser content security policies (CSP). As the title of this article...
  7. H

    newbie needs help (my 1st post)

    hello AFix! i'm a complete newbie who follows youtube videos on aff / cpa marketing. (because i've searched this website, but in vain) i'd like someone to explain to me: what is a bot? what is a widget? and what is a creative? thanks in advance!
  8. I

    Instagram is about to become Legendary!

    Hey everyone, I’ve noticed Instagress is down, and we’ve created an alternative called Instalegendary - It's just like Instagress, we offer a completely free 7-day trial, and we are the only company to be in line with Instagram's current Terms of Service which is huge. We...
  9. WhiteDiagnostic

    White Diagnostic Company.

    Greetings from White Diagnostic company! If you are engaged in traffic conversion, we are going the same way! WhiteDiagnostic is a universal system of traffic quality analysis and effective use of the advertising budget. Our team is high-level professionals with many years’ experience in the...
  10. Z

    Setting up a Bot Trap in AdsBridge

    Any affiliate would want to get only clean traffic. Unfortunately, the ground truth is that there are still many bots on the Internet that bombard your ad campaigns and spoil figures. And no one wants to pay for the bot traffic, of course! The suggested trap will determine bots by two...
  11. Circulation.Tube

    Expierence with Instagram tool from FollowLiker

    Hi everyone! Few days back i set up Follower Liker Twitter and i must say i'm impressed by its good job! i need to do a lot of testing to get the perfect setup but i got the time :) Few weeks back i also set up Instagram through Instagress ... i set up 20 accounts and i got 17 banned... Just...
  12. newzfirst

    WinAutomation Download - Build your own affiliate bot

    The Professional Edition of WinAutomation includes all the features of the Standard Edition, plus the Job Compiler. This feature allows you to compile your Jobs into standalone executable applications that you can distribute to multiple computers and run them without the need of having...
  13. F

    NinjaBlaster vs MonsterSocial

    Ninja Blaster vs Monster Social Looking for FB bot and both looks like great tools for multiple FB account management. Please post your experiences with these bots (pros-cons) if you have them. Thanks