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Newb Needs Some Help, Please.


Hello All,

Wow, I'm calling myself a "newb" again. Sweet.

My name is John Mann and I've been doing Affiliate Marketing for over 4 years. I'm fulltime, not making a killing online but paying the bills. So in some respects, I'm not a newbie.

But in this particular instance, I am a newbie. Here's the deal.

I've written my first eBook. It's called "Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp" and it is a very basic introduction to Affiliate Marketing for folks who are so new, they don't have a clue. You know the level they're at ....... many of us have been there and moved on and many in this particular forum may be there now.

It's an eBook that many folks have told me is worth selling for at least $47. But I've decided to do something a little different because, in addition to being a very useful "first eBook", it is a viral marketing tool that I'm using to promote over a dozen very quality products that I use and recommend.

And those references have, guess what? My affiliate links. So anyone purchasing one of my recommended products generates a commission for me.

Anyone have any suggestions for how I might go about promoting my eBook?

Happy Holidays, All!


New Member
Im a noob... and id asume youd market it the same way you've been marketing other peoples products and services? If your at least paying the bills then your doing somthing right.

Linda Buquet

Someone did an Internet Marketing product launch recently and got lots of buzz by giving away the product instead of selling it and had lots of affiliate links in the ebook. Don't remember which one - there have been so many IM launches lately.

The Warrior forum is filled with ebook and Internet marketing types, maybe they would have some ideas. Here we don't have as many info product marketers but have a lot more traditional affiliate marketers that sell retail products.

You might want to be sure James Martell doesn't have a trademark on
"Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp" before you go too much further.


Launching an e-Book

Linda's right, even though James Martell calls his Affiliate Marketers
, you should check to make sure you're not infringing.

You might also consider a name change so it doesn't seem like a
knock off of Martell's work.

With that said, what you should do once you're ready to launch is to
find some folks with big membership lists. Talk to those folks first.

You'll need a tracking solution and for what you're selling, this one
is probably the best ... Viral Sales Generator. Click it to read more on that.

Once you have your tracking solution in place. Invite those folks with the
big lists to join first. They will then launch your ebook to their lists, who
will also join if using VSG, and then you're off and running.


Hi Reina,

That's really interesting that those Paid To Surf your site services are working for you. They usually only bring in eyeballs, but don't convert to sales.

So, I'm interested in learning more about what your conversion ratio is on these services? Which one are you getting the higher conversion from? What's your percentage of profit after you cover the costs of the service ... I mean, in general ... just to give us an idea of what we might expect.

Thanks for sharing!


New Member
I find that all of them work quite well. However, I like the feature on that has it so you can set questions for your site viewers to see if they have been paying attention. It's great because it makes them have to look at your site closely.

No I have not had time to sit down to calculate my sales ratio: however, judging by the amount of sales, it's doing pretty good for me. Here are some tips that I find helpful when using traffic exchanges.

1. On most of these exchanges, you will be asked to write a title and short description for your website. Write it very well as to make your audience want to click. Use strong emotional words such as New Free Power Secret Romance Money Love Breakthru Revealed Magic Fear Win Prize Reward.

2. Make sure you list your site in the most relevant categories. This brings better results because the people viewing your site are already interested in something in that category in which it was set.

3. Try surfing for credits before you invest to see how you like it. And, you don't have to upgrade because you can still purchase credits at affordable rates as a free member. I have not upgraded at all for any of them. There are benefits such as commission for referrals or more links: but, I am fine where I am.

4. Have your home page set to grab your audience attention. That is the first thing people see, and it will determine whether or not they will continue looking at what you are offering.

I am going to experiment with some split testing using lead capture/squeeze pages so I can track my sales ratio in the future. I will have to use that with a dummy site since i have my other sites being advertised through many other methods. I guess I could figure out how to use which I hear is pretty good: plus, I have an account with them. It's just that i need to find the time in my busy life--reading, learning, advertising, marketing, web designing, and campaigning--to sit down and learn all the things I need to. I will definitely let you all know what the ratio is once I get things under control.

But, you may ask me how I really know these traffic exchanges are working. Well, because some of my customers tell me that is where they have found out about my site. So, I do know it is working well, I just don't have an exact conversion rate at this time due to the fact that i have not tallied all of my sales from the sites. It's just after so many sales, things have become a blur for me. However, when I actually take the time to do this, I'll keep you posted on what happens.