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New to the struggle

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by AbelNewB, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. AbelNewB

    AbelNewB Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everyone I'm new to the affiliate marketing world and I'm here to hopefully get some advice to help me get on my feet. ive watched a few videos by Jay Wessman and a few other affiliates but I'm still having a hard time getting my stuff in order. Can someone please help me out I would really appreciate it.
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  2. terraleads
  3. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome. AffilateFix is packed with info from successful affilates!

    I also recommend The Dojo

    It has guides and tutorials not found in the public forum from many affiliates.
  4. AbelNewB

    AbelNewB Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks roger I'll be sure to check it out when I have a chance. Right now I simply don't have the funds.

    I'm still trying to get my website together and learning how to use Wordpress. I feel a little over whelmed with all the information I've attained . If you have any tips on how I should go about it I'm all ears.
  5. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

    I understand. I was not pimping the forum for the funds only, it really is packed full of a lot of good advice.

    That being said the public board is as well. What are you interested in doing?
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  6. AbelNewB

    AbelNewB Affiliate affiliate

    Well so far I'm trying to set up a website about guitar tips and gear but I'm not sure what kind of site it should be. For example a blog style website or an e-commerce style one.

    What kind of website would you recommend for someone like me that's just starting out?
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  7. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent question.

    My advice go for an hybrid blog/authority style

    With the blog you talk about things you like regarding guitars and gear and things related to it like songs and groups that use guitars but also shows that use guitars.

    If you talk about shows, you can have in your advertising areas offers about travel, inns, music, recording events, courses and so on and so forth. You can also promote discretely guitars and gears with amazon or other place affiliate programs just buy talking about cool stuff about guitars.

    If you promote guitars and gears directly, simply talk about the pros and cons of those guitars and gears and say to your readers to go to that site where they can read customers review and rating.

    Once you have 20 good post, you start promoting with social media
    Once you have 20 good pictures that you can use, make tweets about it and use instagram.

    The more engagement you get, the more people share their ideas, the more chance you get to sell stuff and earn a commission.

    Once you get enough traffic, you can go on certain website, where you get PAID to talk about a products on your website. It is just a matter of finding something related to the content of your website.

    Blog will give a more personal touch to your website.
    Authority website that contains reviews, tutorials (how to do something) and information will give you an authority boost to your site and brand you as a person who knows about guitars and gears.

    Of course if you also have a subscribers list, everything something new gets out, you can email them and give them a link toward a landing page about the new things that contain a link to what you are selling or to a cpa offer related to what you are promoting.

    For emails, blog and authority website, you must provide value to your reader, which means ... writer something that is useful for your readers.
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  8. AbelNewB

    AbelNewB Affiliate affiliate

    Wow! That makes a lot of sense. That seams like something I can totally do seeing as I've bin playing guitar for such a long time.
    So an authority site is like a blog? That's somthing I don't totally understand? Should I just use a basic blog theam for my site or is there a better option for authority sites?

    Thanks a lot Seeker I really appreciate the advice!
  9. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    You can start with a blog and talk about your thing and then later on add the "authority website part" which is more an academic approach to guitars and gears or anything related to it. Search engines loves authority site. People with questions loves authority site.

    Wikipedia is an authority site about everything. Wookiepedia is an authority site about Star wars.

    Blogs are more personal. You can do reviews, but they would be reviews about how you feel about it and your personal experience or the cool stuff you find out. A blog can be about educating about certain things just like Luke Peerfly do about affiliate marketing

    Authority sites are more impersonal since you have to be objective and without bias. Authority sites are about going in depth about a subject. Making a page takes a LOT of time because you have to do research and get genuine information.

    Go with what you feel comfortable and what you can do fast enough. Do not waste time to make a perfect page. Just make 2 pages a week with good content that is useful and you will get some fans.

    Be part of groups on facebook and pinterest about guitars, gears, show and stuff. People love talking about their passion and they are always new people becoming interested in this sort of stuff.

    As for a related movie about guitars ... look at Waynes World the movie. You could explain in a post why Wayne was worshipping the guitar and why it was such a big deal. There was a reason behind it (I believe the guitarist was famous and perhaps signed that guitar). Then you can talk as well how much these things cost and how much they can sell. This could draw the attention of people who likes to have their own private collection ... you know people willing to pay for what they want.

    The whole point is to be interesting and useful regardless what you do. Once you have a reputation and people like you, as long as you keep bringing content, your fan base will grow and you will start seeing sales. People buy from people or companies they LIKE.
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  10. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Hello @AbelNewB and welcome to the AffiliateFix! Great to have you with us.

    Someone to help you? HA! You've got thousands of members here to help you. As you can see in this intro thread of yours there is loads of advice. However, please take the time to read through the forum and get additional ideas to form your new business. It's your business and in the end must be what you want and what you will be happy with.

    What you are endeavoring is a content site. This is a longer road to success, but when done correctly can be a very lucrative area of your business. This is where I have spent many years and I can tell you that fresh relevant daily and weekly content is key to making it produce.

    If you are looking for a quicker earning opportunity, you may also consider mobile CPA and such. Keep your options open and explore all of the opportunities. Decide for certain where you want to begin and never give up.

    Keep posting often, report your progress, and ask loads of questions in the appropriate sub forums and you will get where you need to be!

    The following is a starting point for you that will give you a strong foundation for your new business. Follow this advice and you can get to your goals without wasting precious time and resources.

    Perseverance, dedication, and taking action are the cornerstones of the success you will obtain.

    As a Newbie, you need to read, study, invest, and implement.

    Read through the various areas of the forum to learn about the types of marketing available for your new business. Make a list of all the types of marketing and take some notes along the way. Then determine which area of marketing with which you will start your journey.

    Do this to select an area of marketing to start, as well, do this to select a tracker, a traffic source, and to select a vertical.

    Then read up on the affiliate networks and select two to begin with that will serve your needs and the types of offers you would like to promote. Put your application in and they will call you for an interview. Be professional and be prepared to answer some questions about how you will promote offers, do you have a website, are you a Newbie, etc. Please note, if you join the Dojo, we have a thread there that can offer assistance in getting accepted to some of the networks.

    Now that you have selected a basis to begin, read all of the threads in this forum that relate to your initial selections so that you have a rudimentary understanding of their features and benefits.

    You will require some investment. A VPS server, domains, traffic, landing pages, etc. You will need a budget for daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. This will change over time and you will need to update it often so that you know exactly what your costs and earnings are.

    This is where it all starts to earn. You must now begin to implement what you have established as your foundation for your business.

    Here is some advice and guidance that will help you establish your initial goals:

    Make sure you complete the following first.

    Every business needs:

    1. a plan
    2. a schedule for research, learning, and execution
    3. a budget.

    Remember to read through our WIKI and get to know the basics as well as some of the buzz words in the industry.

    I also recommend reading the following thread:

    As a Newbie, What Stops You From Getting Started

    Here is a set of immediate goals:

    1. Get a VPS
    2. Select a vertical
    3. Select a tracker
    4. Select a couple of networks and get your approval
    5. Select a traffic source
    6. Create a schedule for researching, learning (training), and working. This is a business, treat it as such!
    7. Create a budget for every expense (daily, weekly, monthly)
    8. Be very active in this forum by researching, asking questions, helping others when you are able.

    As well, I highly recommend you join the DOJO as it is full of great tools and contributions for successful marketers. Click the banner below to learn more.


    T J
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  11. AbelNewB

    AbelNewB Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks so muck for your help Seeker I'm gonna try to implement all this in the next few weeks.

    I'll be sure to post my progress and experience in the next few weeks. Thanks again Seeker this was really helpful.
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  12. AbelNewB

    AbelNewB Affiliate affiliate

    Wow thanks for all this information I'll be sure to put it to good use. I'll make sure to try to go threw the forums and read up on as much as I can.

    Thanks again I really appreciate your advice. I will post my progress as I go along.
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