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New to Affiliate Marketing


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I am new to the game of affiliate marketing. The main reason to do affiliate marketing is that I want to cover up a big gap and start generating income to buy other assets. I am willing to get towards the digital means of income however I am at a loss.
I don't know a lot about affiliate marketing and stuff, this includes:
-How to make a website?
-How to make engaging content to meet the requirements of some affiliate merchants?
-How to generate traffic?
-How to SEO my website when I have one?
-How to get in touch with others who have a similar goal like mine?
I know many other professionals have been in my shoes once so I want to learn from their experiences.


Question threads here pls:
Links to sub-forums that can guide you:
Well go ahead and start somewhere ,not everybody start with a mentor
Myself also and many other people start by themself .For example you can search for a succesful affiliate marketar on youtube and watch his videos and put it into action
Just folow what they teach on how to choose an offer ,a traffic source etc
Dont expect to know everything and dont search for perfection ,just get into action and do something ,then you will learn also other things in the process
They are people with 20 years experience and they still learn new things .Its good to read but dont forget the income its made by action