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New member - Hello


Hi, my name is Jenn. I just found this site a couple of days ago and I'm soooo happy I did!!! It seems to be a wonderful resource, so much great information and helpful, friendly people.

I'm very new at all of this. I have some domain names and ideas for sites, but no sites built (which is too bad since I paid for a hosting plan a year ago and did nothing with it :eek: ). I would love to learn enough to get some quality sites up and running, and get them to the point where they support themselves and then eventually me. And then of course it would be nice to learn enough that I could contribute here and help others too and not just be the one asking questions. One step at a time I guess. I always get ahead of myself. ;)

Looking forward to "meeting" you all. Thank you Linda for this site. I'm off to read the sticky notes!



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Welcome to 5 Star, Jenn.

I am glad to see that you liked what was here enough to make you decide to become a member. Being a member has so many more advantages.

You are right about this being a wonderful resource. This place is loaded with useful information.

You are also correct about the friendly members, and they are also very helpful. Just ask questions whenever you have any. Of course all specific discussions should be in the appropriate forum rather than here in the Introduce Yourself Forum.

It is good to see that you want to be able to help others once you have learn more.

It looks as if you are taking the right step now by reading the "Sticky" posts, especially those in the Newbie Affiliate Forum.

Linda Buquet

Hey Jenn,

Welcome and so glad you like what you see. I think you can learn enough here to get off to a better start and get some sites up and running. Yep stickies as you've identified are the best place to start, but there is good info buried on page 6,7,8 in lots of the forums. After stickies search for threads where other affiliates have asked the best way to get started, how to build your 1st site and those types of questions. You'll get lots of good ideas.

Your goal should be to 1st build a solid foundation of concepts and knowledge. Then pick a niche and then start working! We'll help!

Klaas Koopman

Hi Jenn,

Welcome to this forum! *Now You Are A Reall Star*! I'm excited to hear what your plans are for the future ( regarding to affiliate marketing )