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New guy ..hello all


New Member
Good morning!
My name is Joe here in tx,I'm a businessman,I love to meet people and my passion for me it's to help people's better their lives and that's what I do!

It's so nice to be here,I have Larwee to thank for that one
Best wishes to all on your success !
Have Great Day!


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Welcome to 5 Star, mrjoe.

We have met online before and it is good to see you as a 5 Star member. Thanks for joining.

I hope everything is going great for you in Texas.

5 Star is a very friendly community and our members are helpful. Since you like to help people, you should fit in very nicely here.

There is a lot of activity around here at time, so I hope you are going to be a regular around here and participate in some of our many discussions.

I am certain you are very much going to enjoy being a 5 Star member.


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New guy hello all

Hi Larwee!
Yes we have!.. lol we are very fine here in tx today so far ,thank's for asking .
I see the contest ,the owner is very cool :) Thanks Larwee
best wishes


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Hey mrjoe,

Sorry I missed welcoming you earlier today. Was madly finishing design of all the contests. So welcome to 5 Star. :)

Hi Linda
That's ok, ...busy bee your doing a great job here! :) thanks for the blog information.
Best withes with all your success