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New from Chowchilla

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by swtp43, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. swtp43

    swtp43 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello to all!

    I just found and joined the forum a few minutes ago. I had been searching for a site like this. I have a ton of both reading and video material on CPA Mktg but without the ability of interacting with others I just can't seem to get it.

    I am retired and on dependent on Social Security for income. I don't know what things are like where any of you live but $1K a month does not go very far. That is my only reason to get involved with IM in the first place. I am determined to better my lot in life no matter what. I worked hard all my life before falling victim to a parasite that took everything I had to survive. So, no, I am not a happy camper!

    I've tried a few things to make money online but none have worked for me. The ease at which they are touted have not proven true for me and most take more money than I have to spare. Right before deciding to give CPA a go, I was learning video mktg. But that has a long learning curve and not as simple or straight forward as it is touted either. It is easy for one that has the money to outsource, which I do not.

    From some of the products that I have read and video's watched, CPA can be begun with minimal up front investment. So my first goal is to begin creating seed money for my future education and experience. Without that I'm spinning my wheels.

    And as Walter used to say, "That is that". Hope to meet and befriend many of you in the forum.

    swtp43 (alex)
  2. newbidder
  3. djcrunk

    djcrunk Affiliate affiliate

    Hello swtp43 and very welcome to the forum. I think CPAFIX is a really good starting point for newbe affiliates and I like to say it has just the right ammount of "wickedfire" & "warriorforum" (two of the biggest IM forums), so you won't have to deal with a lot of the fluff/hype and BS, or downright internet mayhem lol.

    Very friendly and open crowd for the most part here, who will try to give you honest advice. And many are beginners/middle experienced affiliates themselves, with plenty of Advertising and CPA network's staff lurking around. So who the hell wouldn't like a place like that right? :cool:

    There's a phrase where I live, "tell me which pack you run with, and I'll tell you what kind of wolf you are", so is a good choice to hang out with people who are cool, helpful and as experienced or preferibly a little more advanced than you. Between lawyers we also say "you don't sell what you know, you sell who you know". So business relationships are so important for so many reasons, like speeding up your learning curve (somebody already made the many mistakes you're about to make), support and feedback, among others.

    BTW I don't recommend you to spend that much at the begining (DUH), specially on Internet Marketing courses, as you're not experienced enough tell the gold from the junk apart. And there is a whole world of internet marketing bullcrap out there waiting for you to whip your credit card, trust me on that. In general, the more they promess, the easier they make it seem, the shorter they will fall. And it really doesn't matter how experienced you are... you will always want more bang for your buck. Heck even Warren Buffet does.

    I don't think video mktn is really that hard, it all depends on your foundation and goals of course. But if I had to start with a very small budget, I'd buy a domain, throw some cheap but quality host there (I.E. hostgator or hell even some free hosting like 000webhost), slap a wordpress blog, comment on diverse forums/blogs (I guess you have free time and are a fairly social person), get a facebook/twitter/youtube & all kinds of social media pages and profiles. And start building that list/subscribe base that WILL make me money.

    Also I know this is counter intuitive, but your first goal right now is not making money (I know, whatchatalkingbout willis?), but LEARNING. At first don't ask "how much did I profit from this", ask "what did I learn from this... now how on earth could I profit from that".

    Anyway this is turning from a welcome post to a freaking lecture, so yeah, sue me. Have a great time and welcome to CPAFIX amigo ;)
  4. adrian

    adrian Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome to the fix. djcrunk said it well. If I added anything it would be to stick with one thing build up efficiency and consistency.

    If you WANT to do video marketing go with it. No matter what your pitching you need traffic so you need to master a traffic source. Video is a good one just don't try and be perfect, be real and pretend your talking to one person. Don't try and put on a show or make a production.

    I have this phrase stuck in my head lately "lies are built for speed, truth is built for endurance". We all get sucked in by the "easy path" that never is. The only thing you can count on is yourself, doing what you believe in constantly is the only way to wealth and happiness.
  5. swtp43

    swtp43 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for the welcome. I think I'll go with video mktg to generate traffic. As for social sites, I'm at a loss there. I have the accounts but don't know how to use them or navigate within them. I'm hoping to learn that here.

    Thank again, swtp43(alex)

    BTW - How can I access the list of members here? Primarily alex44. That is the name I use all over the net. I'd like to meet him.

  6. swtp43

    swtp43 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for your sage advice. I have stopped buying products, primarily because I haven't the money. Besides I have enough to last me a good year plus, if I begin going through them all. Before now, I, like many was suffering the shiny syndrome disorder. Thank goodness I've finally awakened from that! On the social side though, I must admit that, although I have the accounts, I don't know how to use them or navigate the sites.

    That brings to mind, my FB account. I recently changed my ISP and now my computer is not recognized by them so I can't access my account. I've answered the security questions but then get an error msg telling me that my answers are incorrect. I also received an email from them asking me to send them my copies of my Gov't. Id's. Have you ever heard of such crap? In this day and age when Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the world, the idiots think I'm going to send them copies of my ID's. I haven't much, but what I have I'd like to hold onto.

    Enough of that. I hope everyone here is as open and enthusiastic about helping someone else as you are. Right now I'm considering upgrading my membership to 'The Dojo' but if I do I'll have to borrow the funds. I know I said I had stopped buying stuff, but I think that would be a good investment. Are you in the Dojo forum and if so, what can you tell me about it?

    Last but not least, is there a Thank You button that I am NOT seeing?

    See you inside, swtp43 (alex)


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