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New and a bit confused about Prosper202!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by kramerica, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. kramerica

    kramerica Guest

    Hi there - I have read the CPAfix beginners guide and done a fair bit of research here and elsewhere. My aim is to use the PPC model - using adwords and 7Search to send traffic to offers etc.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) about Prosper 202

    I have set up a 7Search account.

    I have set up a Commission Junction Publisher account and have applied to Maxbounty (waiting to hear).

    I keep seeing this 'Prosper202' thing and I'm not sure if I need that - it seems to require having virtual private hosting (they recommend 'Beyond Hosting') which looks like quite a substantial monthly cost.

    I'm unclear about this Prosper202 software and whether that is essential for starting out doing what I want to do (and how it fits into the process) - can anyone advise please?

    2. The Traffic Black Book by Chad Hamzeh

    I've read a bit about that, watched the webinars etc. and it sounds great. Is it worth the $47 ? Is it a useful step by step guide?

  2. terraleads
  3. Freddy63

    Freddy63 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    01. You definitely need Prosper202 or something like that if you're planing to PPC. whether you need a VPS is depend on amount of clicks you're planing to generate. If you're just starting and not planing to deliver more than 50 clicks per hour, you'll be fine with shared hosting. If you're planing to do more clicks than that, you probably need a VPS. If you don't have money to spend on a Managed VPS, you can go unmanaged. Following article might help you with that.
    Best and Cheap VPS Hosting for Prosper202 - tjosm.com

    Note that a VPS needs initial setup. You can always hire someone to set it up for you. I'm available too ;)

    02. That is a perfect course for PPC. Totally worth the money. He also give 14 day trial for $1. With trail you can view all content without limitations. So have option to preview before making full investment. Here the link to trail.
    Traffic Black Book

    Just try to close the window after page is loaded and then click stay on page. You'll get the trail.

    Good Luck!
  4. kramerica

    kramerica Guest

    Thanks a lot Freddy63 - that's really helpful.

    RE: initial setup, does managed hosting do all the setup for you? It looks like 'beyond hosting' do.

    Anyway i'll probably go managed as i'm not tecchy enough for full DIY!

    PS - if I have a shared or VP server - can I also run a (or multiple) websites on it?
  5. Freddy63

    Freddy63 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    On a VPS you can run as many as websites you like. You can use it to host prosper202 as well as landing pages. But some shared hosting packages may have limitations. It'll be clearly mentioned in the product description. Even if they allow multiple site. I don't recommend setting up landing pages and p202 on one account.

    On managed service, they'll setup the server for you. But I'm not sure if they'll install Prosper202 for you. They might ask for additional setup fee. Best to check with them before buying anything. They charge $45 for 512 RAM server. They simply want to suck your blood.

    On the other hand, unmanaged VPS is way more cheaper. $10 per 512 RAM server. But you're on your own. You'll be helpless if anything happens.

    If you have the money, go for managed service. Or you can get a $10 server and pay $20 for freelancer to set the server up. So you don't have to pay ridiculous $45 every month. But there always a risk involved.
  6. kramerica

    kramerica Guest

    again thank you for that - really helpful :)

    This Prosper202 thing is doing my head in a bit! To start with can I just use the tracking provided by 7Search or Google Analytics? Is Prosper202 something to be added a bit later on once I have the hang of this?

    I'm confused now about the whole process - the relationship between 7Search, Affiliate Network, Prosper202 and ME! So much so that i'm almost at a standstill here - not knowing what to do next.

    Should I just get the Traffic Black Book to help me really get a handle on the whole process?

  7. Freddy63

    Freddy63 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Well I just got an email from Chad saying Traffic Black Book videos are down for 48 hours or something like that. So don't bother it now. I know your feeling. You're so motivated now. You need to drive hundreds of visitors to offers. But trust me it doesn't work.

    If you don't know about prosper202 or tracking, PPC is not going to work for you. CPA is not about luck, it's about research and optimization. It's a good idea to buy a course before you start dealing with big players like Google. I suggest you start with 7Search and then move to Google once you're familiar with p202 and tracking stuff.
  8. tac88

    tac88 Affiliate affiliate

    Traffic Blackbook is one of the best courses there is !
    Chad is the real thing!
    I have a link to get a $1 trial on my blog along with a review, also prosper 202 has a YouTube account with videos
    here the Youtube accountTracking202 & Prosper202 Tutorial: Facebook Conversion Pixel - YouTube

    You do not need all of that if you are just starting out shared hosting will do just fine!
    Best of luck
  9. kramerica

    kramerica Guest

    Thanks guys - great advice and links - will get swotting!

    Any idea when Black Book will be back up - I was all set to sign up this morning!
  10. Freddy63

    Freddy63 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    It's up now

  11. tim_smith

    tim_smith Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Kramerica,

    you can check out the P202 videos on their site here: h**p://tracking202.com/videos/

    To help stop you worrying too much, I was informed by Nick Chou a PPC ninja not to bother installing P202 campaign tracking until a campaign has had about 100 clicks and a sale or two. As mentioned tracking is so very important but P202 takes quite a lot of setting up from scratch, and this time will be time wasted if your campaign bombs.

    Of course you may decide to do it anyway to get a feel for the program, just don't put yourself under undue pressure.

    Hope that helps you :)

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