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Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by andreww, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. andreww

    andreww Affiliate affiliate


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    [​IMG] [email protected][/TD]

    Vote for Neverblue now, on the CPA Network List [​IMG]
  2. Voluum
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

  4. JohnCPAAlpha

    JohnCPAAlpha Guest

    I hope they do. NeverBlue has always been a solid network.
  5. java

    java Affiliate affiliate

    any news on this bankruptcy i'm hearing about?
  6. neverbluejos

    neverbluejos Guest

    Neverblue is touring Europe + Tel Aviv this June! Come meet us in London on June 14th and find out just what we're all about. Mobile is one of many hot topics and we want to share with you how to be successful in this space. Find out more info on our Facebook page.
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    See you in London!
  8. neverbluejos

    neverbluejos Guest

    Does anyone have any feedback from the interacts in Tel Aviv, London or Barcelona?
    We have one left in Berlin - Tomorrow June 21st! email or skype me if your interested.
  9. andreww

    andreww Affiliate affiliate

    The bankruptcy is being filed by Neverblue's parent company, V2V holdings. Neverblue and Neverblue Email (formerly AKMG) continue to be profitable and affiliates continue to receive their payments on time.

  10. andreww

    andreww Affiliate affiliate

    Hiya CPA Fix members, my name is Andrew Wee and I'm an affiliate consultant with Neverblue, responsible for recruiting and developing affiliates.

    Our strongest verticals are in the following areas:
    1 Dating
    3 Financial
    4 Freebies
    5 Gaming
    6 Coupons
    7 PIN Submit/SMS
    8 Travel
    9 Ecommerce
    10 Membership Clubs
    11 Health & Beauty
    12 Automotive
    13 Insurance
    14 Education
    15 Business Opportunity
    16 Mobile Optimized
    17 Careers

    Dating is by far our strongest vertical, and we have a diversity of offers across North America, Europe and Asia, across various promo types - display, ppc, ppv, social network, seo.

    I'm a former affiliate myself having been promoting CPA offers since 2006 and I joined Neverblue in Oct 2011.

    You can contact me via:
    facebook: search for "andrew wee" (I check facebook private msgs multiple times a day)
    skype and AIM: andreww38

    We offer payment via ACH, wires, cheque, paypal

    If you've got questions, do post them in the thread.
  11. neverbluejos

    neverbluejos Guest


    We just started our new Out Of Bounds competition - THAILAND!

    Neverblue presents Out of Bounds: Thailand

    Check out the details and hit me up if you want more information about how to join our network and sign up for this great experience!
  12. Hey there,

    I am a strong affiliate and I have earned quite a bit of money through affiliate marketing. I am new to CPA but I have no lack of knowledge and my first 2 days in the biz I have made over $180 in earnings with MaxBounty. I hear lots of great things about your service and would like to jump on board. I actually signed up with your company first and was denied. For what reason I do not know. I have never been denied anything before when it comes to affiliate marketing.

    A week later I reapplied and a few days later I got this email:

    I replied with screen shots for proof I am a part of another CPA network and my earnings proof from my paypal account. See attached screen shot. Can you tell me when you plan to accept or deny my application? I would love to start with your network earning. My goal is to be a member of quite a few of them to allow myself as many offers as possible to promote via PPC, my websites, and other accepted traffic generation methods.

    I earn my living full time from home. I make right now about $5k per month give or take some months are not so great but I am still consistent with my affiliate marketing income. I can't wait to be accepted.

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Smith

    maxbounty-wso.jpg mbproof.jpg
  13. NeverBlue? Any possible reply?

  14. epicrevenue

    epicrevenue Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Don't bother bro go with another network plus i hear there's some bankruptcy news with these guy and their parent company or whatever.
  15. baliboy

    baliboy Affiliate affiliate

    i try to sign up twice.. but always get rejected.. would someone help me how to approved my application?
  16. neverbluejos

    neverbluejos Guest

    Hi Jonathan:

    Please hit me up on skype (Neverbluejos) and I can work with you to get an account

    Also I would like to clear up the bankruptcy rumors, Neverblue is in a strong financial position and paying all affiliates. Today GlobalWide Media have announced it closed the acquisition of Neverblue. Which is a exciting move for both companies, Neverblue will remain with the same name, and still run as before.
  17. Jos has helped me more than he had to. I have never seen such great service from a AM and I will be using NeverBlue offers now because of Jos.

    Thank you Jos!
  18. JX-Master

    JX-Master Affiliate affiliate

    hello there,

    i signed up with your company first and was denied. For what reason I do not know. can you help me
  19. neverbluejos

    neverbluejos Guest

    hey JX-Master:

    It was good chatting with you today, hopefully we can work together soon.

  20. JX-Master

    JX-Master Affiliate affiliate

    Jos Thanks for your quick response. i hope soooo.......
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