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need your opinions on traditional advertising


I am considering placing ads in newspapers to promote my site. Does anyone have any insight on the cost and benefit of going the traditional paper ad. Or am I better off going online via payperclick or other online marketing ways. I would appreciate any insight on the subject.:)

Linda Buquet

Since you posted this is the Web 2.0 section,
I'm wondering if you meant to
ask about that too?

If you are advertising to newbies about how to make money online, then newspapers COULD work, but would be expensive and the return would be low I think. Assume a $25 ad cost (just guessing, no idea). That would be one paper in one city. My best guess is you could MAYBe get 5 clicks. (I don't have a crystal ball and thats only a conservative guess.)

For 25 bucks you can get 500 visitors from StumbleUpon for instance and they would be people fairly targeted to your niche. Or for that same 25 you could get 500 visitors from Adwords (if you can find some long tail .05 key phrases).

Plus there's tons of social networking you can do for free and drive traffic that way.

Plus there are lots of FREE online classifieds like that are distributed to most of the major cities. Don't know if they allow biz opp ads, if that's what you are promoting, but worth checking.

John Guanzon

New Member
It really all matters what you plan on selling or promoting that will determine where you need to promote. You have to research the market place and find out if their is an audience for your service, product, etc.

Then you need to locate them and promote around them. If that costs then it costs. Take for instance for my traffic exchange, I promote it in traffic exchanges. It can't get more targeted than that. I also pay for banner ads in several of the most popular traffic exchange forums.

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