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Need Help to Understand..may be i am the dumbest affiliate ever..

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by xoxnificate, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. xoxnificate

    xoxnificate Affiliate affiliate

    Well i am here to bother you all again, want to use the tracker and landing page for the offer i want to promote..
    I have signed up wih Adsbridge for the tracker, but i am not sure how to use it.
    They have landing page option, but how to work with offer i want to promote.
    I want to promote Max bounty AD campaign.
    Now how do i add landing page, what ad network should i start for sign ups?
    Please i am sorry if have asked stupid questions, actually i know i have asked..isnt?
    Well i am following everything TJ refereed me like WIKI and take notes. All i am doing is studying and studying..but i couldn't execute anything yet.
    Any idea..
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  2. terraleads
  3. kerbeross

    kerbeross Affiliate affiliate

    I did't try adsbridge but I guess its like voluum.
    If you want to add your own LP, first you need to create it, in HTML or some flash program, upload it to your hosting service or vps, than place the URL in the LP tab in your tracking system.
    Make sure your LP has a call to action button that leads to the offer's LP.
    You can also try Direct linking, which means to place your offer's LP URL in the LP tab in your tracking system, or choose the direct linking option if exists(probably exists)...
  4. Nick AdsBridge

    Nick AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hello! Hope you are having a great day.
    My name is Kate, I represent Support of AdsBridge, so I am right here for you to offer a helping hand :)
    AdsBridge is not just a tracker but also a TDS and landing page builder which is easy-to-use. We add from 5 to 10 landers every week and moreover, if you have something particular in mind regarding your Landing Page - our designers can create landing page templates especially for you and we will upload them directly to your user's profile.
    You can take advantage of this unique option till April, 1. However, for our users who registered previously (before April, 1) this benefit will be absolutely free of charge till July, 1. Moreover, starting with that period special discounts will be applied!
    Feel free to add me in skype for more efficient cooperation adsbridge.support or send an email to [email protected], ask all your questions and I will be more than glad to help you out with all the setings and guide you.
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  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Isn't taking action great? You get the answers to one group of questions and then are presented with a new group of questions. This is a day in the life of every marketer, new and experienced!

    I see @Kate is lending a hand and I have to say that Kate and AdsBridge have been providing great support for our members.

    Utilizing the tools available, like their landing page builder, is a good place to start for you as you haven't developed the skill of building them yourself yet or having the budget to have them custom made. Both of which I recommend once you get your business stable and replicatable. This will come soon.

    It looks like you are in capable hands at the moment with advice from @Kate and the AdsBirdge Team, so let me address one other item worth a mention. You have apologized for asking questions. No need for this because we are all here to happily and generously help one another. I know you are beginning to experience this. No need to apologize for learning, asking questions, or looking for help. Also, there are no dumb or stupid questions. Everyone of them has merit and when you ask a question or ask for help, you are helping many others by starting the thread or posting in another's thread.

    Keep up the great work and efforts, you are going to make it well beyond your dreams by keeping your current commitment of taking action!
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