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Need advice getting good with PPV

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by cyruschoong, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. cyruschoong

    cyruschoong Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to PPV, and have done it for awhile.
    There are some basic that I already know, such as testing a "target url" and see if they are converting, and delete loser url.
    But still, I don't really understand why I still losing money.

    The way I do ppv is usually like this:
    (1) Select some top offer in ppv (as posted in each network, I select some top offer in mine)
    (2) Do research (demographic, keywords, Interest)
    (3) Get related top url (scraper and sometime from some other source)
    (4) Check url and see if relevant
    (5) Run campaign and bid at reasonable position...(usually direct linking, the original landing page looks great)
    (6) Checking and eliminating target url that are cost as much as my offer pay out (eg: offer pay out=$2, target=$2.10 but not conversion -> loser)
    (7) Keep repeating this process.

    So now I see this game offer.
    It's a social game, target usually female user who love light game/flash game.
    I'm pretty sure that the landing page is very good since it is a very popular social game, and they have many variation of it.
    I try target flash game site and girls game site, even social game site...got a few conversion, but my daily traffic cost is way more than my payout.

    payout - daily traffic cost = NEGATIVE ~~~~~

    Why do this happen to me often?
    Can't direct linking work?

    I suspect it's something wrong or missing with my steps...
    Maybe because I should run several offers by direct linking first, and try target "category" first to test the water of how is the conversion?
    If the offer converts, then only I try target "URL"?
    Or is it because of PPV network not good, will affect them?
    I'm using Media Traffic, shouldn't be too bad~

    Or is Media Traffic not good in game niche?
    Then what niche does it good in?

    I'm still trying to figure it out myself by doing testing.
    But instead of doing testing and repeat testing and still losing money,
    I wish that I can get some good advices from other experience marketer here.

    Do tell me what do you think I've done wrongly,
    and thanks a million for your advice :)
  2. cpalife
  3. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Try leadimpact, people have mixed reviews about media traffic. Also, direct linking is generally not the best idea, some guys say it works pretty good, but try to use a landing page made with photoshop or something like that. I also recomend people to watch this because it teaches you how you can take an offer's landing page and change it into a 800*600 (or whatever it is) landing page. Also remember that if it is "the top offer on PPV", it means people will be promoting those offers a lot, incresing the CPV, making the campaign not be profitable.
  4. cyruschoong

    cyruschoong Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks David.

    I do know about using landing page will improve conversion in most of the time since you can always optimize conversion, and I have been looking into it for sometimes.
    But I also usually heard that some original landing page is good enough, and I should test out the offer and see how well it convert first before investing extra effort in creating one of those.
    Another reason is the visitor is probably is going to end up in original landing page someone.
    No matter how great our lander looks,
    if the original lander far too sucks, they'll get turn off immediately.

    I can understand that some offer that need lander,
    but take IMVU game as example,
    don't the landing page look great enough by itself?

    Right now I do suspect it's my offer choosing technique got problem.
    There is no way I'll get negative income that often just to promote some top offer with good original lander.

    By the way, how do you build your campaign and what steps do you take?
    I would love to use them as reference.

    Thanks by the way.:)
  5. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm not experienced in PPV in any way, I was just giving generall advice, if we go into details I don't know anything sorry :S Wait for someone to give you some advice, there are a couple that know some stuff about PPV :)

    also "don't the landing page look great enough by itself?" yes it can looks good but here's the thing: go to this site > POP IT FAST, now insert the link to the offer (imvu.com) and click on media traffic. It will pop a window and that window is how people will see your offer. For what I can see, the "Free" is hidden, the "enter using *facebook icon*" is kinda hidden and the "3 million people liked imvu bla bla" is also semi-hidden. Besides that, because the site has more things filling the website, it will take more time (depends) to load the full page. If you can make a 'shorter' version out of it, it will load quicker and it will show all those important things like "free", thus getting you higher CR.
  6. cyruschoong

    cyruschoong Affiliate affiliate

    Ok, I got the idea.
    Because of each network pop up size is difference,
    we have to take the size of the pop up window into consideration too to make them look nice.

    By the way, I have some other questions in my mind for awhile.
    What are the difference of Pop-Up and Pop-Under and their effect on conversion?
    Will pop-up cause user able to close the pop-up window faster before the our AD even load?
    And will pop-under let user to take their own time be better?

    With pop-under, user will have to switch to our pop-up AD manually and pay full attention to it.
    Our AD will have enough time to load too.

    With Pop-Up,
    it seems to annoy most users and they usually will try to close it as fast as possible,
    not even thinking of letting the AD have a chance to load.

    So the question is, which one you guys prefer?
    Which method have you guys used and have better ROI that the other?

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