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My Teespring Journey - at least $30/day



Hi everybody.
I created a simple page with links to teespring.
I had site like now, but with ugly shirt design and page wasnt very good. Now is it much more better. However, i had a one payment event with that shity page :)

So i decided try it again, but more professional.
Site is now responsive (more less)

1) I have no money. 0 €.

2) My niche is politics. Israel. It's very discussed country that I like (despite the fact that I'm not a Jew)

Campaign start within a few hours, anyway now. I would welcome some advice ... I mean if you have some.

My plan is to simply spam facebook. Ofcourse not like dummy. I have 15 different texts about israel and i putting them in politic discussion about israel at facebook.

But I would like to know about other methods that are free. I understand that since I do not have money, I have to work on it more.

also i considering the use of scrapebox, but I'm not sure if it's reasonable. Do you have experience with it?

I would like to ask for some tips on how to promote this niche.
If successful, I would like to extend the campaign to other countries.

I also create a Facebook page set up under RSS reader so that it will function as autoblog. I have a autoblog, which I did for about 5 minutes.

Please excuse my english :/

BTW. that site is "" Please check it out and let me know, what you thing about it.
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Clicking buy now wont do anything I just want to check the its teespring page :)

Its already working now.
I was needed a better design. Also is it a responsive (more, less) now, because i know most visitors in these days comming from mobile.
So its done.

Now i going get some traffic. How i said. Mostly from facebook spamming.
But meanwhile i try scrapebox and send some messages to some politic forums about israel.

I will be updating my journey today.

Please, if you have some advice or method, let me know :)
btw. that texts what i post on facebook, looks like this...