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My journey to the top - marketing my own product

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Prophet, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Prophet

    Prophet Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guys & Gals,

    This "Journey" is more of a public "call to action" for me.

    I will not be disclosing my site just yet, this is to protect myself and the business.

    I own a membership website in the education niche which has been running since 2008, it was started by myself and a friend of mine. It took over 2 years to complete and is one of the most complete training sites in the niche. It has been fully marketed by me, no affiliates.

    In 2011 I started a Youtube channel in order to market the membership site with a few videos which picked up momentum, it currently 8 videos with 4000+ subscribers, total views are around 500k.

    Back in 2012 we were doing $100+ a day profit consistently with no real marketing except Youtube and had a refund rate of less than 1% all on autopilot. I would wake in the morning to email from Paypal with my earnings overnight.

    Things were great.

    I got very busy in my traditional job and my friend and I lost focus. It went downhill quickly from there. Last year I decided to buy out the business from my friend and I am now the single owner of the membership site.

    I am now at a stage where I want to get back the momentum and take over the market in my niche, utilising my own marketing experience and methods from the Dojo!

    I will post my actions, progression and successes as they happen. I really look forward to your feedback too!

    This will be my journey.
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  2. Voluum
  3. Prophet

    Prophet Affiliate affiliate


    Above is the current funnel I'm using.

    So, as you can see above, the user hits the splash page, watches the video and clicks on "Register for FREE".
    They are then sent to the Register page where they give their details and get added to the Free membership. Their contact details get added to mailchimp and they are forwarded to a unit of free lessons. Once they have done the free lessons, they are sent to an offer page for the premium course. I send an occasional email offering a deal (there is no autoresponder setup at the moment)

    I'll add the statistics for November in the next couple of posts.
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