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My Journey to $200 Per Day (Screenshots included)

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by timethiaw, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everyone!

    I finally started my first mobile campaign today and all I can say is I got my feet wet! I want to make at least $200+ Profit per day. I'm going to update this as I go, so that someone like me can learn, from someone else who is literally just starting out.

    Here are some of the details:

    Traffic Source: Zeropark
    Tracking: Adsbridge
    Offer: I'm not going to give this right now since I'm currently doing this, but just know that it's a email submit offer involving a super popular sporting event that's actually happening as I write this.

    I basically created 9 landing pages (Angles), I kept the text the same on all landing pages, but changed up the pictures (which involved some awesome pictures of the sporting event).

    Here is a screenshot of my results below

    Day 1 Results:

    Clearly the landing pages that did not receive any clicks will be booted, but I was just wondering, what pages should I be focusing my attention on. None of the pages made any money, so does that mean I need to test more or change up the landers?

    Any input would be great!
  2. cpalife
  3. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Great to see you taking actions. Best of luck with journey. Will be following :)
  4. Nick AdsBridge

    Nick AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Timethia, I can see that you are having really good results! Wish you good luck in this undertaking.
    And, as you already know, you can always feel free to refer to me with all your questions.;)
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  5. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    Well you have already lost your $25 in my opinion.
    What's your offer payout?? if its anywhere less than $2, then this test is beyond acceptable.
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  6. djcrunk

    djcrunk Affiliate affiliate

    9 landing pages? Holy fucking cow batman, that's a lot of angles lol. It's just TOO MUCH. Seriously, specially if you're just starting out. You may spend a lot of dough and still don't get any significant data with so many. I'm with shreedharcva here, you gotta be pretty conservative with your testing budgets, specially if you're a beginner.

    And try to focus on low paying offers with a proven track record first (ask your affiliate manager which are the best offers doing more volume and thus moolah), before even bothering to run them. It'll save you headaches and money.

    I'm not saying to stop this, but honestly, you may find out how freaking expensive testing can be when you try so many creatives all at once, on a shaky offer.

    Cheers and good luck.
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  7. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for all the responses so far!

    @Kate thanks, I appreciate those words:)
    @shreedharcva @djcrunk Yeah, sometimes you have to learn the hard way, and believe me, I've learned lol. I've contacted my AM and got the list of the best performing offers as of now on their network and I'm already starting to see conversions. I'll be posting a better detailed update here shortly.
  8. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    @djcrunk I actually LOL'd when I saw the batman part haha, but I knew what you meant.
  9. ppcnewbie

    ppcnewbie Affiliate affiliate

    In your printscreen, what means "Visits" and "Clicks"?
  10. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    @ppcnewbie Visits are the impressions I got to that particular landing page, and the clicks are the number of clicks I got on that landing page out of the impressions/visits.
  11. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    Update #2

    Sorry about the wait, but I had to do a start over on what I was doing. I made that rookie mistake of thinking I know what will work, but had no idea. The offer that I was promoting in my first post wasn't converting for me, so the last few days I joined a new Affiliate Network and I have been in constant communication with my affiliate manager over there. My manager sent me all the best converting offers from their network right now and even gave me some insiders on traffic sources to use for the offers, most I haven't even heard of before, which I'm super appreciative for him doing :)

    "Thank goodness for Affiliate/Tracking Managers"

    Anywho, I took the information he gave me and put my plan into action, of course asking him questions along the way. My ultimate goal was to really just try out the traffic and offer combination for about and see what happens. I set my total budget to $30 and $10 per day, but was prepared to change that if need be. The traffic source didn't activate my campaign until around 11PM last night, needless to say I feel asleep around 10 lol. I woke up to a interesting surprise in my affiliate network.


    Here's a little more detail from the Traffic Source:
    Offer Type: Mobile CPI
    #of Angles: Surprisingly I only used one landing page

    I feel like I'm on the right track.. :)

    Again, this basically ran over night and I was really just testing out the traffic to be honest. I paused this for now while I do some optimizing because I'm pretty sure I went over the click to conversion ratio. So now that I know that this traffic and offer can convert, even though I just used one landing page, it's time to optimize and make some $$$.

    My next post goal:
    *Add 2 more landing pages (provided by advertiser, they don't allow you to make your own for this offer)
    *Optimize for a better click to conversion rate
    *Use information I gathered during this test to make more money
    *Try and updates every 1-2 days

    Also,as always, feedback is definitely welcomed, matter of fact I want your feedback lol, it only helps make me better.

    Until then, peace and happy earnings!

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  12. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    Update #3

    Ok so first off I'm a little issue with my traffic source, which is why I haven't updated anything yet, so hopefully that will be taken care of soon. For now I'm just going to give some quick info on what I'm doing:


    Offer Type: In-app Mobile CPI
    # of Banners: 4
    Spent: $15.00
    Profit: -$10.38

    Here's a little insight to the clicks to better help my optimization:

    So it looks like ad 1 & 2 are killing it with clicks. I know that this was a CPI offer, so some people might have opened the app yet, so fingers crossed they do soon :)

    Goals for next update:
    *Optimize the hell using ALL the data that I have
    *Get my traffic source squared away
    *Hopefully get into some profits

    Until then, peace and happy earnings!
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  13. DeMiThA

    DeMiThA Affiliate affiliate

    This is good for a starter like me, Thanks for the information :D
  14. oldsam

    oldsam Affiliate affiliate

    Great attitude, timethiaw!
    Keep at it.
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  15. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    I can tell that timethiaw is on the wrong track on this one.
    Dude, your choice of app (Payout too low) is not good.
    Better get a $2+ app and see how it rocks.

    1. On Startapp, the optimization works differently, if you optimize too much you lose traffic.
    2. The payout is too low $0.22 per Install.
    3. Lookout for click frauds on startapp, (I have faced 2-3 times that 23000 clicks delivered in one day to my apps and my whole deposit doomed).
    PS: Its just my opinion by experience, not forcing you.
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  16. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    @shreedharcva Thanks for the input! I believe you fully especially with the click fraud. That's the issue that I'm currently facing right now with them.
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  17. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    Just a quick update:

    My traffic source has corrected the problem I was having.
  18. rogerramjeet

    rogerramjeet Affiliate affiliate

    Is it possible to explain the problem you were having, what you said to StartApp (evidence you provided), and what they did to correct it?

  19. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate


    This happened last Friday. I setup a campaign with a $15 daily budget and a $30 total budget. That very same night the campaign ended up going way over my budget to $80 and somehow my budget ended up getting set to unlimited, which you can understand, confused the heck outta me lol

    I sent a support ticket, but found out they are closed on Fridays and Saturdays. They responded on Sunday, I sent them screenshots of the campaign I originally setup, which included the budget I setup to begin with. They responded telling me that I had advertised in a very hot geo that's getting a lot of traffic and they were sorry for the issue even happening. They ended up crediting my account back from going over budget.
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  20. Mr.T

    Mr.T Affiliate affiliate


    the cap you set not always works exactly so there is a difference of a few percent, but that it get set to unlimited seems like a Traffic Source Problem. You know with a $15 dollar daily budget and a 30$ overall budget this campaign will run 2 days?

    With a small budget you have one big problem it will use your complete budget after 00:00 and it's not covering the whole day.

    Checked you stats would recommend to create some funnels ads+pre Lander+ Lander combination that rocks and then test it step by step.
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  21. solstudioim

    solstudioim Affiliate affiliate

    Interesting what's the newest update bro

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