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My Induction Party?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mradjoy, Apr 23, 2015.

Would help me in this Affiliate Quest?

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  1. mradjoy

    mradjoy Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone, I want to seize this opportunity to invite you all to my induction party that's going to hold today at http://www.affiliatefix.com by 10:00 GMT.

    There's gonna be a lot of fun, we'll paint the town of Affiliate Mix RED and probably sleep over till weekend breaks!

    Why are we even holding this party? yes great question, it's just one affiliate newbie called mradjoy, pronounced (Mr. Adjoy) joined this great community today.

    So I am calling us together to come and help this newbie make his first real dollar online, or won't you gimme a helping hand? oh you would, I am happy.

    Great Pleasure to be here,
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  2. terraleads
  3. TrafficBroker

    TrafficBroker Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    A party for online friends Yeey! Welcome to affiliatefix.com!
  4. mradjoy

    mradjoy Affiliate affiliate

  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Hello @mradjoy and welcome to the AffiliateFix. We are happy to have you join us!

    This community is a very giving community and I am certain that you will find your way as long as you are serious minded about your "learning to earn" curve and follow good business practices.

    We have an abundance of great marketers at every level, tools reps, network reps, and traffic reps presenting awesome opportunities, case studies, reviews, and more.

    For a Newbie, I always impart the following advice that most all of us know to be the best outline for your entry into this industry.

    Every business needs a plan, a schedule for research, learning, and execution as well as a budget.

    Remember to read through our WIKI and get to know the basics as well as some of the buzz words in the industry.

    I also recommend reading the following thread:

    As a Newbie, What Stops You From Getting Started

    Here is a set of goals I always share with Newbies:

    1. Get a VPS
    2. Select a vertical
    3. Select a tracker
    4. Select a couple of networks and get your approval
    5. Select a traffic source
    6. Create a schedule for researching, learning (training), and working. This is a business, treat it as such!
    7. Create a budget for every expense (daily, weekly, monthly)
    8. Be very active in this forum by researching, asking questions, helping others when you are able.

    As well, I highly recommend you join the DOJO as it is full of great tools and contributions for successful marketers.


    We look forward to seeing you around the forum!

    T J

    P.S: hit the "Introductions Thread" (this thread) everyday to welcome other new members to our cozy community, it means a lot to folks to know they are recognized, known, and welcome!
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  6. mradjoy

    mradjoy Affiliate affiliate

    Hi TJ, Thank you so much for this great tutorial, I'm really honored to be a member here.

    I'd be glad if you could be of help one more time and explain those steps you gave above in clear "Affiliate Terms"

    1). VPS ==> does it mean the same thing as the normal (Virtual Private Server) or it different in affiliate terms?

    2). Vertical ==> As in whether to go with mobile, desktop or both? Please I need better understanding of this.

    3). Tracker ==> Kindly recommend any good one that is newbie friendly as the one I use currently is bit.ly or isn't that fine for this business?

    4). Networks ==> I got approved by about five of them.

    5). Traffic ==> This seems to be everybody's problem, how can I know the good ones that has proven overtime to have quality traffic which converts? To me I'll want to pitch my tent with google, but to what I've read so far google seems to be chasing CPA marketers away, kindly correct me if I was wrong.

    6). OK, I'll work on it.

    7). OK, I'll work on it.

    8). Noted!

    As for the Dojo, seriously considering that gonna join soon.

    Thank you as you reply.

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  7. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate


    Verticals are a product or service useful to people in a certain industry. For example, the big three verticals are health, money, and relationships. So say you select the relationships vertical, you may want to drill down to sub-niches in that vertical to stuff like "big men that love skinny girls", or "women in their 50's seeking women in their 30's", etc. It's endless. Drilling down makes it easier to identify the market and get more targeted leads.

    I don't do a lot in the big three at the moment, but their are certain times of the year that I do. For example, the past three years I have run two campaigns every year leading up to the Super Bowl and leading up to the Basketball Championship. I target men who want a girl, or woman, who enjoy these games, like pizza, wing, beer, and sports.

    The big three are where the big money is. Most seasoned marketers will advise Newbies to start with a drill down in one of the big three to learn the ropes. Just remember to drill down in the vertical to get to a specific niche of that vertical.

    There are thousands upon thousands of sub-niches in these big verticals.

    I have no experience with the bit.ly tracking system. I highly recommend Voluum, AdsBridge, and Thrive. There are many more. I suggest you visit our Tracking and Optimization forum and do a little reading. Then go to our Resources area of the forum and read reviews and each companies pitch of their respective products.

    Plenty for now!

    Traffic is one of the three primary areas for you to get a serious grip on in the beginning. Traffic, tracking, and a vertical. One of each, and no more, in the beginning of your entrepreneurship in this industry. Once you master one of each in the beginning (a couple of months for most), then adding others to the mix will be easy and a no brainer.

    If you have the budget to start with a primary search engine for traffic, then fine. Tier one traffic is the best, and you pay the most for it. However, I promise you that you will spend a fair amount of money getting to know how to develop yourself in any traffic source. Second and third tier traffic sources will require greater effort to ferret out the junk traffic in order to get to the conversions with a positive ROI, but the repetition of those exercises will hone your skills tremendously.

    I, and most of us having been in this biz for more than ten years, started with Yahoo, Google, Ask, and a bunch of others. most of which aren't around anymore. Google and Yahoo are still here, but the real top tiers in search are Google and Bing.

    Getter' Done!
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  8. mradjoy

    mradjoy Affiliate affiliate

    Really appreciate this, thank you so much.

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