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Most Popular Content Locking Networks in 2021?


Alright guys, so I have noticed that the incentive marketing section of this amazing community is not getting any traction.

Let's try to make the list of most popular content locking CPA networks in 2021!

Need your help with this, here are some popular ones I am aware of:

1. CPAGrip
2. OgAds
3. Adwork Media
4. CPABuild
5. Adludum
6. MyLead
7. CPALead
8. AdgateMedia
Affiliates - If you like specific networks with a content/link/file locker, let me know and I will add them to the list.

Network owners/reps - If your network has a locker tool, let me know so I can add you on the list as well!

The incentive section of the forum needs some SERIOUS boost so please help me out to make this up to date list with the top content locking solutions that are available to all of us.

P.S. I am back to the forum and will be as active as I used to be ;)
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Unfortunetely MgCash is no longer in the business which is really sad. :(

Also Blue Track Media no longer has a content locker, not even sure If they are still in biz.

Any idea If companies like CPALead and Adscend Media is still a thing?


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Hi! @chervenkov thanks for such a nice opinion. :) @Dario Yes, we do confirm that we have Content Lockers. On our list, you can find: File Locker, CPA Locker, Captcha Locker and Mobile Rewards. Check here - click.

If you guys have any other questions feel free to ask. ;)

Greetings, Marta, MyLead.


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Hi there!

Thank you @Dario for your initiative. Definitely, this section should get a boost as incentive space has huge potential.

Affmine is part of this too! We recently added Content Lockers (including Offerwall for GPT websites) on our network, with over 1,500 top-performing offers: app installs, surveys, sweepstakes, pin submits, etc. Our publishers have great results with our tools.

Give us a try! If you have any questions, we're here to listen.