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Review Monetization tips & tricks from MGID

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Daniella MGID, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Daniella MGID

    Daniella MGID Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    We keep receiving questions about websites monetization with MGID. That’s why we’re dedicating this series of posts to tell you about the basic conditions of cooperation with MGID, what trends you should follow, and what mistakes you should avoid.

    Why MGID?


    Our features


    Basic terms

    1. MGID works based on the CPC and CPM pricing models.
    2. We pay based on NET 30 payment terms. This means that e.g. the payment for July will be made on August, 30.
    3. Your number of unique visitors should be more or equal to 3,000 per day or 90,000 per month.
    4. MGID does not accept adult traffic. To read more about our policies, follow the link: MGID
    Average CPC
    • Tier 1 countries – $0,3
    • Tier 1 countries – $0,15
    • Tier 1 countries – $0,05

    MGID offers plenty of options:

    • Epayments (minimum payout is 100$);
    • Payoneer Prepaid Card (minimum payout is 100$);
    • Paypal (minimum payout is 100$);
    • Webmoney (minimum payout is 50$);
    • Payoneer Bank transfer (minimum payout is 100$);
    • Tipalti Bank transfer (minimum payout is 1000$);
    • ACH bank-to-bank transfer (minimum payout is 1000$);
    • International bank-to-bank transfer (minimum payout is 1000$).
    Keep in mind that fees vary, contact your manager for the detailed information.

    How to add the website?

    STEP 1.
    Register and then log in to the MGID account.
    STEP 2. Select “Native monetization for publishers”, then click on “Monetize website”.
    STEP 3. You should provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Website URL
    • Phone number
    • Message. We suggest explaining what your website is about in detail in order to speed up the moderation process. It’s better to provide screenshots that show the number of your unique visits per month.
    Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

    MGID team
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Daniella MGID

    Daniella MGID Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    Are MGID and Google Adsense enemies or good friends?

    Today, Google AdSense is the giant of digital advertising. Placing AdSense ads is a sign of high-quality traffic, widespread audience and value of the website overall. Moreover, AdSense enables to get more insights about the audience, hence you can change website content and design to more convenient for the user.

    Is there any option to receive even better results?

    Yes. Google Adsense is compatible with other networks, thus you can use MGID and Google Adsense simultaneously. However, these ads should look differently than Google ads and must not violate AdSense rules. Here you can check the guidelines for how non-Google ads may be displayed along with Google ads.

    Besides traditional widgets, MGID has new products like Smart widgets, push notifications, AMP and video widgets. Finally, by implementing MGID and AdSense solutions together:

    1) You get more revenue, as MGID and Adsense have different ad algorithms. This means, that user will be exposed to a greater amount of ads that include Adsense banners and MGID native ad widgets;

    2) You get more data about the audience. This allows you to analyze the quality of traffic by monitoring devices and GEOs where the audience comes from and days of users` activity on your website.

    3) You can attract top advertisers from the whole world. MGID has been a market player for over 10 years, so we do know how to make both providers bring you solid revenue without competing with each other.

    Finally, it’s well-known that often the win-win strategy is based on the ongoing cooperation of two or more leaders. Each side aims to maximize the profit for the common endeavor. Do not be afraid of using both MGID and Google AdSense.

    We are always glad to assist you with creating widgets that will work well on your website and optimize them for gaining higher rates. Furthermore, we are open to cooperate and experiment in order to find the most profitable way of making the widgets work on the website.

    Would you like to increase your earnings? Sign up at MGID right now!