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Busy January wrap up:
Hey everybody, how have you been and what are you up to lately? Wanna hear about our latest updates?

- Help us improve!
If you are a Mondiad user, we'd appreciate it if you'd take 3 minutes to fill out our New Year survey on your dashboards.

- Ads previre feature:
Hey Mondiad publishers, with our latest update, you can preview how our ads will look on your website via dummy ads which are visible to you during the testing phase.

- Multiple conversion goals:
More data = better data when it comes to optimising your ad campaigns. ;)

- We've got new exclusive deals!
Don't forget to check up our special deals section inside our platform for exclusive deals, just for you.

And last but not least, stay tuned because we've got SOME cool new game-changing updates coming really soon! :cool:

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

We're counting down to the most romantic day of the year, so we can't go on without showing you our LOVE.

Until the 15th of February, new Mondiad advertisers can use promo code "xoxo24" to top up their account and get a 10% bonus on their deposit of a minimum of $100 (max bonus of $100). ⏳

P.S. Discover the dating niche with the help of our friend, @Cpamatica Affiliate Network to jumpstart your profits!

Your offers + Our traffic = LOVE
DUBAI 2024 (1).png

It’s about 5 days until we meet (again) at Affiliate World Dubai & Sigma Eurasia 2024!

Come say hi and explore business opportunities together!

Meet the dream team or look for the Mondiad T-shirts, as usual:
  • Radu: CEO & Co-Fouder
  • Alex: CFO & Co-Founder
  • Nick: CTO & Co-Founder
-> DM us if you want to schedule a meeting.
Hey you, what’s new? Here’s our latest updates.

New ad format for monetization!
Meet dynamic ads, an ad format that slides into view within the header or footer of a webpage as the user scrolls through it. Once triggered, the ad remains stationary in the header/footer until the viewer chooses to close it.

New exclusive deals from partners!
You surely must know we have a section dedicated to special deals from our partners, inside our platform. With this in mind, we just wanted to give you a heads up about new opportunities from our new partners: AdStartMedia @LeadRock_Network and @Adpump Global.

Spring refresh & campaign ideas:
A change of seasons can provide great advertising ideas! Which is perfect since we've got all the traffic to take your ads around the world! Get inspired and come, bloom with us!

See you around!

Hey you, what’s new? Here’s our March highlights:

New ad format for monetization!
Maximize your ad revenue with interstitial ads, these center-page overlaying banners that combat banner blindness, take up no space on your website and don't disturb the user experience.

- New exclusive deals from partners!
You surely must know we have a section dedicated to special deals from our partners, inside our platform. With this in mind, we just wanted to give you a heads-up about new opportunities from our new partners.

- Latest from our blog:
Check out this fresh case study about our TargetCPA bidding. If you want to ensure your budget is spent wisely and your campaign is reaching its potential, TargetCPA might be for you too.

See you around!
How is everyone? Curious about our April Highlights?

Lately, we've focused on putting the spotlight on our in-house tools and how they help you step up your ad game.

- Case study: TargetCPA
Smart bidding is a great way to automate costs and maximize conversions, ensuring that your ad budget is spent wisely, within the average values of each conversion.

- Case study: Event tracker + Optimisation rules
Just imagine harnessing the extra data provided by our Event Tracker or the automated optimization capabilities of our Smart Rules. Curious to see this combo in action? This is your sign.

- High-impact optimisation rules for better results
This modern ad tool automatically fine-tunes your campaigns in real-time, based on data-driven decision-making. From maximizing ROI, to improving targeting assets, it's time you harness the full potential of your ad campaigns. You make the rules!

It may not look like much, but we are working hard on some upcoming updates you will love. Stay tuned.

See you around!

What's new, guys? It's time for our May wrap-up!

- All about our newest ad format: interstitial ads!
Discover all about interstitial advertising, from its benefits and best practices to its impact on user experience and performance metrics.

- See our traffic audiences feature in action:
If you are not using our traffic audiences in your campaign targeting, you are leaving your leads up to chance.

- Optimization rules + traffic audiences [case study]:
See how our system can do the work for you. You bring the strategy and we give you the tools!

- Head over to our social media to check out pics from the MAC and ICON affiliate marketing conferences we attended at the end of May.

See you around!