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Mobile with adwords :]

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by danielcohen, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. danielcohen

    danielcohen Affiliate affiliate

    HELLO ALL :]

    so during this year... i mosty used Buzzcity. ( only like 3 campaigns actually got profits )
    did some Airpush.. some admoda...

    and then I read a few mobile case studies with Adwords.
    so im knees deep over Adwords.
    trying the Philippines and some Indonesia .

    anyone uses Adwords?

    and TIPS? advice? thoughts?

    anything you'd like to share i'd be happy to learn :]

    have a goodie and thanks!
  2. terraleads
  3. cashmoneyaffiliate

    cashmoneyaffiliate Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Adwords has good traffic that converts well and a lot of it BUT they have the MOST temperamental banner/landing page approval process i have ever seen and the customer support is very very poor no matter how much your spending :(

    If you are direct linking using their text ads you should be okay but if you plan on using your own custom creatives expect a few headaches.

    Also they do not allow you to remove Tablet traffic.
  4. danielcohen

    danielcohen Affiliate affiliate

    hey thanks for the quick reply.
    i use direct linking yeah,,, going with banners from Furthermobi...
    and yeah i did expirenced a few set backs with them about the sites , banners and more stuff.
    but i think i want to give it a propper shot.

    going for stuff like whatsapp, wechat,,,

    i'll update here about it soon as i get some traffic.. it is the first one for me there so...
    GAME ON :)
  5. danielcohen

    danielcohen Affiliate affiliate

    By the way.. are there better type of offers to run with Adwords?
    Or easy countries? to start with?

    i want to test the low payout offers first.. maybe build some nice cashflow before running the more hard ones the crack
  6. arc0300

    arc0300 Affiliate affiliate

    i found DL offers...you're just buying time before they come back with the ban hammer. campaigns can get approved and then denied a few days later. it freakin' sucks.
    and never dl with naked links...
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  7. hans23

    hans23 Affiliate affiliate

    I have just tried adwords for mobile, well, most of default banner provided from network most likely will be rejected.
    And I found out that adwords doesn't allow banner with cta (their new policy i think) like "click here" "play now" etc
    Keep submitting those banners, and your account will be suspended
    also some of advertiser url already banned on adwords (like popular pin submit offer)
    Don't forget to prepare your cloaking method
    I agree that it is pain in the ass
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  8. arc0300

    arc0300 Affiliate affiliate

    serious? they don't allow banners with CTA? what do they want you to say instead?

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