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Mobile SEO..

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Neil John, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Neil John

    Neil John Affiliate affiliate

    Guys as you all know that These days mobile internet is getting popularity...Hope all marketers looking for getting best from it.
    Mobile SEO is must needed for any Mobile website. Best way to keep track your traffic with Mobile Analytics or Custom Google Analytics.

    Please share your Ideas on this like how to Increase mobile site performance.
  2. terraleads
  3. nancy1

    nancy1 Affiliate affiliate

    Iam also new to this, waiting for answers to your question, thanks for raising question.
  4. Sangeetha Mohandass

    Sangeetha Mohandass Affiliate affiliate

    1.Use same URL for both Mobile and Traditional Site, so that your users need not remember two URLs for your site.
    2.No need to buy a .mobi domain name for creating a Mobile Site, you can use a .com domain name itself which is more than enough for creating a Mobile Site .
    3.Using one URL can also avoid content duplication.
    4.Practicing best SEO for traditional sites are also valid for Mobile Sites
    5.It is good to have basic accessibility standards like W3c Complaint, XHTML code check etc.,
    6.Create Mobile Dynamic Pages by combining Websites Content DB.
    7.Submit your site to Mobile Search Engines
    8.Apply the Traditional SEO techniques – Relevant Page Titles, Effective Page Descriptions and Quality Links.
    9.Ensure that you don't use flash, Ajax, frames and other presentations. Make it simple and clean. This will help to load faster that serves users and as well for the bots to find it easy.
    10.Make use of the mobile predictive search key phrases that helps with your business and location. Optimize the mobile site based on the most preferred predictive search key phrases.
  5. Jack Webhosting

    Jack Webhosting Affiliate affiliate

    Good to see the Mobile phones have the facility to access Internet easily. People can receive email alerts, chat with their friends, surf net and much more. Due to this many people find mobile an effective means of communications and increase their sales.

    Thanks for sharing...
  6. Neil John

    Neil John Affiliate affiliate

    few points i feel where traditional SEO is different then Mobile SEO

    1) Desktop website are different then Mobile Sites.
    2) you need to have different version of sites for mobiles.
    3) SEO doesn't mean to just promote your site but importantly provide useful and relevant information to user.
    4) Mobile sites have different site-map protocols and mobile index.
    5) you need to localize SEO for Mobile Sites firstly as search engine give more priority to localization in case of mobile than normal searches.
    6) we know that most mobile searches are direct searches. so make Content according to that and also promote according to that.

    Its necessary to ensure that your mobile content adds value beyond your desktop site, but in general for the past several years mobile optimization has been nearly synonymous with mobile content creation. If you create a well-optimized mobile site, an accessible desktop site and mobile app(s), you will be more visible in search results than a company that only makes an accessible desktop site...

    Even Mobile Analytics are different from Google analytics specially the way the they track traffic and users for mobile sites...

  7. stuart4487

    stuart4487 Affiliate affiliate

    From my point of view Mobile SEO is a process providing capture of a target mobile audience by optimization (adaptation) in-page out-page content delivering factors.

    End user has to receive exact volume of media which sender sends in terms of content. Mobile SEO is similar to a general SEO we all know, but has very bright distinctive feature - individuality
  8. swasthika

    swasthika Affiliate affiliate

    i will try to answer,i am learining person
  9. Neil John

    Neil John Affiliate affiliate

    Mobile SEO is not completely Similar to Website SEO.

    • In Mobile SEO we have to make sure that our mobile version website is crawl able by Search Engine Bots.
    • Don’t have flash, Ajax and GIF format contents.
    • Must Follow W3C’s MobileOK guidelines.
    • Mobile Search Engine Are Different Form Desktop Search Engine.
    • Track you mobile users and competitors rather than desktop audience and competitors. Optimize your mobile site content with those mobile search key words and categories that your mobile users will be using.
    • Create mobile xml sitemap for you mobile site and submit to Google Webmaster tool under mobile sitemap section.
    SEO is not Different but the Method of doing it is different...
  10. Tenacious05

    Tenacious05 Affiliate affiliate

    Mobile Seo have a nice future upcoming time. it will be needs to every one in short time period. our company Tenacioustechies provide the full service regarding Mobile Search Optimization. and also gives training to freshers on SEO. visit us on : tenacioustechies.com
  11. Takeprofit

    Takeprofit Affiliate affiliate

    For mobile search engine optimisation is possible to use the same systems of web analytics that work on the web sites. Besides, there are numerous offers that work for analytics of the mobile traffic much more, than for the usual one.
  12. Ashish Mehta

    Ashish Mehta Affiliate affiliate

    Increasing your websites visibility in mobile searches is crucial because of the rapid growth of people using the mobile web. By 2015 more people will use their mobile phones than PC to get online. When people are conducting searches on their mobile phones, they are often on the go. Google recently reported that over 60% of mobile users only look at page one of search results.
  13. Addon Solutions

    Addon Solutions Affiliate affiliate

    Mobile Optimization.Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device. ... More information on page speed can be found on our SEO Best Practices for Page Speed page.

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