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Mobile Mortal Kombat: Day 1

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by yyoulives, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Folks,

    Been a while but I figured I should set up a new Follow along. Let's begin shall we? *cracks knuckles*

    So I launched this campaign a few days ago, but figured I'd port all my data and results thus far into AffiliateFix to get some feedback.

    Campaign Launched Jun/4/2016:
    Traffic Source: *Pop traffic*
    Offer Payout: $3-4
    Number Of Landers: 3
    My Bid: $24 CPM *yikes*
    Traffic Type: RON
    IOS: Android and Carrier specific (I'm only targeting one carrier)

    Results June 4th:
    Conversions: 3
    Spend: $17
    ROI: -23%

    Results June 5th:
    Conversions: 5
    Spend: $34
    ROI: - 38%

    Thus far I don't think I have enough Data to do any optimization really. I've blacklisted one placement that has spent over 2x the payout and have two other placements I'm itching to blacklist as well. They haven't quite spent 2x payout but they're damn close! I haven't really gotten that many impressions due to my crazy high CPM cost. Ugggh.

    After speaking with a friend he told me I was paying a ridiculously high CPM for RON traffic in this particular GEO and told me to drop my bid a lot lower. Even though the source says I won't receive any traffic my friend told me the source LIES. So i've dropped my CPM down to $8 and will see if I can still get traffic at a much lower bid.

    My question to you is... do I kill my 2x payout placements or see how they fair at this much lower CPM? Should I keep the placement I blacklisted where it is or bring it back into the campaign now that my CPM is much lower?

    How am I doing so far? Will I find profit? What's the next move? [​IMG]


    I look forward to hearing from you guys.

    Results June 6th... Pending
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  2. newbidder
  3. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

  4. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Okay, so I just woke up and logged into voluum and here are my stats:

    Spend: $5.00
    Revenue: $12.25
    ROI: 140%

    WoooooHooooo! Alright so quick update on the things I did thus far, I tested my bid placements and it looks like the lower bid is paying off. However I need to find the sweet spot because at my current bid i'm nowhere nearing eating up all my daily spend. I'm going to just slowly up the bid and see what happens. But another thing I was thinking of doing was just creating multiple clone campaigns each staggering the bid and going from there. But before I do that I really want to figure out my top lander; what to do, what to do? I do see a lander that is starting to break ahead of the others but not sure if I have enough data just yet. It has more than double the conversions of my other lander and is sitting at 84% statistical significance. I've blacklisted 3 placements that have spent over 2x payout with 0 conversions. I know some people go by number of impressions as opposed to the amount of money spent.... but i'm a newb and don't want to second guess myself by applying new methodology. When in doubt I follow K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) I feel this means allows me to make fast acting decisions without second guessing myself.

    My question to you is how many conversions would you say I need to choose my winning lander? My top lander has more than double the conversions of the others and has a 84% Statistical significance rating. I'm getting closer to my first big profit day which means I can quit my job and relax in some tropical big booty paradise [​IMG]. I'm motivated (for the booty) and hungry (for the booty). So please, if you have any insight don't be shy and chime in. I want results so I can get the booty sooner than later and I'm hoping with the right feedback I can scale this to $x,xx days in a matter of a few days or weeks.

    Anywho, time to go catch up on some Game Of Thrones now Woooooooop.
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  5. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

  6. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Lower cost = Lower risk
  7. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I can see that you are doing really good. I must say congratulation. You know it is always true that when you start something, you will always have some hadles here and there. But after a while, you will be able to make everything work out. Keep moving and sharing your tips too so that we can be able to also grow like you are doing. You are making huge steps buddy and wee need to be in the footsteps right away. Still waiting for more posts for motivations.
  8. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    What CPA network are u Using
    Good Results Keep It Up
    i have Great feelings about your Campaign :):):)
    Sty Strong and Keep Going
  9. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys sorry it's been a while. So the campaign showed great signs of promise however it crashed and burned. I was unable to see any consistency. The ROI was looking good and once I chose my top lander things slowly started to fizzle. It was like I could barely get a decent amount rev after looking at my CPC. I recently learned that this particular traffic source has a bug and the bid recommended is usually a lot higher than was you should be actually bidding. Anywho I killed the campaign and moved onto another offer and geo. The campaign is now profitable on somedays but has very minimal traffic. I set my daily budget to $20 and can barely spend $15. I'm going to have to kill this campaign and move onto a bigger geo. I'm not to keen on grinding away on a campaign for $4 daily profits lol. Even if I do tweak my winning lander and find better ROI. I wouldn't be able to pull much $$$$ out of it. I'm working 10-12hrs a day on night shift and tired as hell but I am focused and will be available to go all out in Internet marketing as soon as August hits. Keep pushing guys, and feel free to hit me if you have any questions or need some motivation. Cheers!

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