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MobiCow-Review The Brutal Truth

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by prince_prince, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. prince_prince

    prince_prince Affiliate affiliate

    Hey all

    So I actually heard about MobiCow on this very forum. Long story short I am into the email marketing

    business building my email list with mobile traffic and I must report SUCCESS!

    In this post I will be giving you my experience on MobiCow so far pros and cons all in all.

    The self serve platform is quite easy to use. You get approved upon signing up and the account

    manager that I have is Dominic I believe.

    He is A cool guy, we often have many conversations. Hes very helpful and answers EVERY question you

    have plus some! You can literally hit him up just about anytime of the day even late at night (2AM) for me and

    he responds ASAP!

    The traffic is rather cheap as it runs off only by impressions. You DO get INSTANT traffic 20 minutes within approval!

    Speaking of which, everytime I want my campaigns approved ASAP I just tell Dominic and he approves them THAT minute

    hes always on Skype (Computer and Mobile).

    As of late I have A successful campaign generating anywhere from 10-100+ leads A day (non-optimize) depending

    on the budget I have set for that day. The one thing I have been testing out of late is the responsiveness as well as

    the quality of traffic coming from MobiCow.

    I have asked Dominic about this and for the past few days we have been discussing. One thing I DO notice

    that I am not so fond of is indeed the quality of the traffic itself. They do have ALOT of international traffic

    and I mean A LOT!

    So far the overall opens I am getting for my emails are A bit low, but over time I have seen them opened more

    and more with reporting on my side. I had recently ran another test with the network inMobi, it is there to I had

    also found A winning campaign for lead generations.

    Over at inMobi, though I noticed that my emails were always getting opened from the type of traffic I was generating,

    but back to MobiCow. Overall the customer service is EXCELLENT the help I receive there is just rediculous (in a good way)

    I think of Dominic more as A friend then I do as an account manager.

    The network is great as you are able to test with A $5 minimum daily budget. For international traffic

    I would say this network is the bomb. Not sure about USA CA UK and AU traffic. It seems to me that

    there is either A rediculous amount of competition within the bids for that traffic, or they might not

    have as much inventory for those countries.

    I have tested out these countries last night, with only 1 lead coming from Canada. For me that was all

    I needed to know. But as of right now I just have my winning campaign running at 10-100+ leads A day and

    still collecting. Again the amount of leads is determined by the budget that I put up so far.

    Right now I don't think MANY marketers know about MobiCow...so if your new to affiliate marketing

    it might be A good time to go ahead and try MobiCow, before it blows up.

    Don't quote me on this but up to date I THINK (but I already forgot) that this network receives upwards

    of 10 million + impressions per day. Great testing grounds.

    I honestly haven't even optimized much. So there you have it. My honest review about MobiCow

    In conclusion I would say the following.


    -Easy self serve platform
    -Minimum deposit is $5
    - EXCELLENT customer service
    - INSTANT impressions upon campaign going live
    -Easy network to test on
    -GREAT international traffic


    - USA, CA, UK, AU is too competition heavy to gain any REAL traffic (for me anyways)
    - Quality of the leads may not always be great
    - You have to MANUALLY add: countries, device, operating system etc etc
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  2. terraleads
  3. hans23

    hans23 Affiliate affiliate

    Great review prince, I am also with mobicow for about 1 year.
    I don't do email marketing, only simple direct linking mobile offer on mobicow (yup lazy person :D)
    CPI offers working great on mobicow. Especially on IOS platform. I have tried another OS like android, but I couldn't make it succeed
    Ah I have tried building list too... but my list wasn't too responsive. (maybe I need more testing)
    I also noticed that it's difficult to set targeting on mobicow, if there is a checkbox instead of typing it manually, it will be great. Also category and tags targeting still not active yet from the first time I registered to mobicow.
    How about ROI? I can get average 100%-300% ROI for my direct linking campaigns!!
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

  5. prince_prince

    prince_prince Affiliate affiliate


    Thanks Hans22,

    I understand lol I used to do offers like that, but now I do not at all.

    And yes I have spoken with Dominic. He has told me that CPI offers like that do work for responsive traffic

    and great ROI. I am just not into that type of affiliate marketing however.

    As for list building. I have found doing with with mobile is so much easier then web traffic (for me anyways)

    and yes it does requite A lot of testing. Because list building is more of A game for long term wealth. Rather

    then short term gains.

    That's what I was saying about the network. Since it is relatively new, they don't have many things set up

    but it makes for easy testing grounds. I plan to get my list up to at least 500, before switching to another

    mobile network.

    As for ROI to be honest. I have not made A dime from my email list yet. But I have been doing it for awhile

    and I am quite familiar with my numbers as far as when I was start to see returns, I am in no rush

    I am in this for the long run. But hey we should definately connect sometime!
  6. prince_prince

    prince_prince Affiliate affiliate


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