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Mass emailing help

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by kiwilad, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. kiwilad

    kiwilad Affiliate affiliate

    Hi ... Am looking for advice on how best to approach mass mailing. Its not something I have experience with but a recent business purchase has produced a possible opportunity to get into the mailing space. I can generate 20,000+ optin leads per day, all verified, and have custom email software to send out from. The emails are general in nature meaning mix of male / female and varying age groups. All USA data.

    1) mail them myself. Not sure what network to approach for offers though. I guess biz opp, health offers would suit a general list?

    2) partner with someone who has experience mailing offers and work on profit share model

    Is 20k emails per day enough to get going in the mailing space or more needed?
    Considering the leads are general and not all niche specific ie. they have come from a variety of sites such as business, news, travel, coupons, social etc ...

  2. terraleads

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