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Making Money with Torrents

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by madzstar, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. madzstar

    madzstar Affiliate affiliate

    :cool: Hi I just started CPA this week and would like to know how one can make money with torrents.

    So far been following this and got as far as uploading my own torrent only this is I dont know how to register on good torrent sites.

    Isohunt and Prirate bay been giving me problems.

    1) You need to download uTorrent - this program is free and can be downloaded on their website

    2) Find a HOT topic to base this on. Check out the Upcoming Movie's list and pick a movie that is coming out in around a month from now. I chose Harry Potter & the deathly Hallows part 2.

    3) Find a trailer for that movie and download it. Use a Youtube downloader to download from Youtube.

    4) Now rename the trailer to something like, "HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 LEAKED INTRO". The main words in this are "leaked intro". People would now be more interested.

    5) Create a NEW WINRAR ARCHIVE. You should now have an empty archive with nothing in it.

    6) Now go to your trailer, right click it, and then click "Add to Archive". You will get a box titled, "Archive name and parameters". Go to the "Advanced" tab, and then click "Set password". After you have created your password, click "OK". Depending on where your output destination was, you should now see that archive you just made.

    7) So, now you have 2 archives. One with the trailer which is password protected and one with nothing in it. Now, open the one with nothing in it and drag the archive with the trailer into it. Click "OK" if you get any message boxes.

    8) Now when you open the archive we FIRST created, you will see that the trailer archive is inside and when you try to watch the trailer, it asks for the password. Yeah? Great.

    9) Now close everything and open the archive we FIRST made. Now, create a NOTEPAD file. In the notepad file, write your password for the locked archive and save it as "READ ME- PASSWORD FOR LEAKED INTRO".

    10) Make an account with bee4 and upload the text file to some file host. Now, people will have to complete a short survey to download the password. You get paid up to $1 for each download.

    11) Now create another notepad file and put in the download link for your bee4 text file we just uploaded. Then save this file in your ARCHIVE and name it, "READ ME- PASSWORD". Make sure you do NOT password protect this.

    12) FINAL RESULT - Now when people try to open the trailer, they will be asked to enter a password. They will then read the notepad file (which should not be password protected) and they will visit the bee4 URL to download the password.

    13) You will make money from this every time they download.
    How do I actually create a torrent?

    Now that you have actually made the whole file, you need to make it a .torrent to start uploading to websites like ThePirateBay.

    1) Open uTorrent. Click "File" and then click "Create new torrent".

    2) When it says "Select source", just find where you saved the archive and locate it. Then click "Add File"

    3) Then click "Create and save as". You will then get a box asking you where you want the .torrent file saved. Just choose DESKTOP.

    4) Now on your desktop, you will see a .torrent file with the uTorrent icon. Inside this torrent is the archive we just built!

    5) Now go to websites like ThePirateBay and create an account with them. Then upload the .torrent file and watch as your money starts rolling in. On your first day, you wont make much but keep it going!

    P.S - If your file gets removed from Thepiratebay, clear cookies, open a new account and repeat same process.
  2. AffBank
  3. hazii

    hazii Affiliate affiliate

    I have used this method myself and had decent results from this thanks for the share with the community!
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Closed as Torrents and CPA is a Black Hat method.
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