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Making Money Online with YouTube

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by josh87, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. josh87

    josh87 Affiliate affiliate

    YouTube is one of the most visited website son the website and the great thing about it is that anyone can add content to it. This presents a huge opportunity but it is often one that goes unnoticed and it is also one that a lot of people get wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of people that add con tent to YouTube with making money in mind and most of them will make no more than a few pence. This is not the desired outcome of course so here are a few tips. First of all, you will need an idea for a video to add to the YouTube site. This is where a lot of people don?t put enough effort in. Like any other website, content on YouTube is also king so your video needs to be good enough to attract attention. It doesn?t matter what sort of thing you have in mind, whether it is a funny video or perhaps something more educational, you will need to make sure that your video stands out from the crowd. This is where spending time on it really matters. [​IMG] Of course, when you upload your video, you will need to ensure that you have connected Google Adsense with your YouTube account. This will allow Google (who owns YouTube) to add advertisements to your video which will make you money when they are clicked. This is a really quick and easy thing to do, although failing to do this will result in no money at all being made from your video, no matter how many views you get. Another thing that you should remember is that you will need to promote your video as best you can in the early days. Viral content is best for this as you can often share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites and if its good enough, watch it go viral. There are many videos that have gained millions of views simply from doing this so it is important to get it out there in the first place. Get your friends and family to share it too to give you a helping hand.
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