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make good money with dating app Lovoo (very easy!)

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by siclaro, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. siclaro

    siclaro Affiliate affiliate

    Don't wonder, i also posted this method on an other forum. I just want to know you about the app "Lovoo", because with this app it is very easy to make money (great for beginner!)

    There is a dating app called "Lovoo". The app ist famous in Europe (especially Germany) and Southern America. If you don't know the app you should download it and check the "Lovoo Live" feature. With "Lovoo Live" you can do your own streams. The people that are watching your stream can send you gifts like "roses" and "cars". The gifts have values that are converted into diamonds. For example, a car is worth 1000 diamonds and a rose 100 diamonds.
    If you have collected enough diamonds (at least 100,000 diamonds), you can convert them into money (euros). 100,000 diamonds are worth 200 euros. Now you can just start and stream. Talk and do interesting stuff like

    - workout exercises
    - talking about sex
    - cooking
    - sing and/or play instrument (if you are good at it)
    - show your boobs and talk with the horny guys that are watching your stram (VERY EASY, if you are a girl)

    You got the point. Be creative! When Streaming you will get visitors automatically, you was need to wait a few minutes. You can get more and a lot of visitos to you stream (up to 10000 people) if you

    - make marketing for your stream (instagram pagem facebook fan page, twitter page etc.)
    - write in your profile that your are speaking english
    - set your lanugauge of your android/iOS Smartphone to english

    You should try "Lovoo Live" and make some money! :) You can make 200 Euros per day!
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  3. CPAHub

    CPAHub Affiliate affiliate

    - show your boobs and talk with the horny guys that are watching your stram (VERY EASY, if you are a girl)

    If you are interested in becoming a cam girl then I would not really recommend apps such as Lovoo. Would recommend actual caming sites such as Chaturbate. I've worked as a cam girl in the past, trust me. Apps like that pay less than those cam sites.

    However, if you are doing any of the other things you've described (cooking, working out, instruments) and you do not want to get naked. Then I think apps such as Lovoo are great! It's really easy to find an audience through them.
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