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Adcash 101 for Beginners: Here’s how to make money!


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Feeling a little overwhelmed by our platform? Don't worry, we've all been there. But fear not, this guide will be your machete as you hack your way to advertising success!

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1. Customer Success Manager - Your Personal Ad Guru!

You're not alone in this adventure! We assign you a Success Manager to be your personal guide. They'll help you set up your campaign, answer any questions, and become your personal cheerleader.
If you’ve already signed up but haven’t heard from them, then don’t worry. Just reach out to us through our customer support or chat.

Pro-tip: When you first connect, give them the lowdown on what you're advertising, your budget, and your goals. This helps them to guide you more accurately!

2.Tracking made simple

Imagine running a campaign without knowing if it's working. Yikes! That's why tracking is crucial. ⚡
Here's the catch: We use "soft KPIs" like installs and registrations. Why? Because "hard KPIs" like sales can be tricky. Someone might register today and buy next week, so tracking sales wouldn't show the full picture. Need help setting up tracking? Then read more here:
Tracking 101

3. Winning Budget Battles

Setting a low daily budget is like giving your campaign a tiny backpack for a long hike. It won't have the resources to explore and compete for ad space. ❌ A good starting point is $30 (or more) daily. Tip: Keep an eye on your wallet balance, especially during holidays or big events when traffic might spike. You don't want your campaign to stall because of low funds!

Bidding lower than the average is another budget blunder. We use a bidding system to buy traffic from zones. A low bid means less traffic and a potentially unsuccessful campaign. We recommend bidding 10-20% over the average, to turn those bets into home runs. ✅ PS! Running a CPM campaign? Then choose the 3-tier bidding system to ensure you pay based on traffic quality.

4. All about geos

The world is a big place, and targeting too many countries at once can be a recipe for disaster. For example, the US has a higher bid than some Asian countries due to the inventory. If you combine them in one campaign, your budget will get spent unevenly. Here's the solution: Create separate campaigns for different countries. This gives you better control and lets you see how your creatives perform in each location. Your Manager can also help you with this!

5. Ad Formats: One at a Time Please!

We offer lots of different ad formats, but to track your campaign best in the Performance Tab, stick to one ad format per campaign. Here's why:Mixing formats makes it hard to analyze results. Want to test different formats? ➡️ Create duplicate campaigns with the same URL but different formats. Pro-tip: Experiment with different formats to see what resonates with your target audience!

6. The Secret Sauce: Creatives!

We provide the traffic, but you provide the magic! Captivating creatives are key to a successful campaign. Ask yourself: Would I click on this? If not, back to the drawing board! Need inspiration? Your Account Manager is a seasoned pro and can offer valuable suggestions.

Remember, you’re a team with your Manager! Follow these tips, explore our Support Center, and create awesome pre-landers, landers, and creatives to watch your campaign thrive!

PS! To make the most out of your advertising efforts, be sure to use a special bonus code AFFILIATEFIX24 for a 20% top-up bonus! It's applicable to a budget between $/€200 to $/€2000 until the end of the year. Sign up here:
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