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Make 30$ (or more) per day with reddit (very easy, for newbies)

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Have to be careful though.....beermoney reddit they jump all over you like a pack of trolls, so don't use your personal reddit account for this....


Nice tips for earning money without doing much effort thanks for sharing :)

Kuntal Kumar Ghosh

For newbies reddit is a great way to earn their first money online. With this method you can make about 30$ (or more) per day. Please note that english is not my first language. That is why there could be some grammatical errors. Here is the method. For this you need an reddit account that is older than 1 month and you should have done some posts before. Here ist the method.



- we will promote survey offer (like Nielsen Digital Voice or SwagBucks)
- almost all CPA networks hae survey offer (i can recommend you peerfly and maxbounty)
- go to reddit subreddit "beermoney"
- make a new thread about your survey site
- describe your survey offer and make the impression that you really want to help the people with valuable information about the survey platform (add information about minimum payout, time you need per survey, ways of payout etc.)
- IMPORTANT: At the end you need to add your Ref-Link AND Non-Ref link because otherwise you will get banned

This method is very good to make some start-tup money. It's working for a designated time, but not long-term.
Finally again: Most important is your survey offer. If you have an good offer you will make money. So choose your offer wisely ;)

When I am posting it, People downvote it and comment as spam. What I do?


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Really, now webinars become a vital part of e-learning. People can attend courses easily, don't waste a time on transport. It's as usual cheaper than simple cources. Due to this website they say that if you have a goal, dream, you can achieve everything. Attending webinars we could listen to useful resources like Linkedin, Coursera and follow famous people.
Ha-ha-ha-ha, nice try.