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"Major of the best"

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by major, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. major

    major Affiliate affiliate

    I live in Russia, in Moscow.
    Quite by accident in 2011 I found out about the existence of such business as affiliate marketing, especially successful in the United States.
    In Russia, at that time the business was in its infancy.
    I learned this business from the Russian-speaking Americans, my former compatriot.
    He helped me to buy the services of the US hosting, helped to make English-language websites and showed how to register with the CPA Networks and how to work with them.
    I registered in the American, Canadian and Israeli networks, including the very famous (except "clickbooth") and respected.

    I have spent many of advertising campaigns, but unfortunately for 3 years could not earn a single cent.

    I do not have good spoken English, so I can not do email mailings; I can not write advertising articles in the pages of my websites, I can not write advertisements, as the Americans say.

    So I do not know where to buy advertising to get targeted traffic and at least some conversion, starting with small spending of my money!
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  2. newbidder
  3. captain47

    captain47 Affiliate affiliate

    Captain welcomes the Major!

    Man, affiliate marketing is not something that is bound to the west, or the US, or to any English speaking country. Actually, if you play outside of English speaking countries, the competition could be much lesser and advertising costs much lower.

    Look for offers that go in Russia in your networks. And build landing pages in your language. Forget the cents, we dont want them. Go after the big bucks!!

    Good luck man :)

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