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Offer Wanted Looking for offers that will work well with Models/Actors


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Hi guys, i've been able to build quite a following on Social Media, most of my pages are geared towards Models and Actors looking for work, i'm looking for any offer that pays well and has a decent CR. Any sort of Job offer that can direct link to a Modeling print Job would be absolutely perfect.

I'm currently running Casting360 and my results are rather disappointing, it was great to start with the offer and make $3 with 1 traffic source, now I have 18 traffic sources and I'm making $14...I sent 172 primed US clicks (they knew exactly what they had to do to complete the offer, I explained it step by step.) and Peerfly recorded only 52.

This, coupled with the fact that Casting360 is actively scamming their customers leads me to want to get as far away as I can from that offer. If they will scam their customers willy nilly, why won't they scam me? These dumb shits couldn't even wait till I was pulling 1000+ click traffic, they wanted to eat the cash right away, they underwent maintenance and tried to be sly about it, didn't tell the network anything, I had to tell Peerfly about it. This whole situation has me feeling some type of way about Peerfly as a whole.

Anyway, looking for offers that would work well with Models/Actors, any affiliate managers with good payout terms wanna make an extra loyal customer, feel free to post here or contact me on skype: tibabss