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  1. Albertomax1

    Attn: Affiliates; Earn $2000 dollars for referrals that close! Highest paying affiliate program!

    Hello Gang :affiliatefix: I'm marketing solar. Solar is booming! We are also looking for affiliates > Affiliate Program - My Favorite Solar Affiliates earn up to $2000 referral commissions for referrals that close. You may also contract with...
  2. YamiLeads

    Looking for new traffic partners!

    YamiLeads is looking for traffic! :D CPA, CPL We have offers in the following verticals: Dating, Crypto, Casino, Sweeps, VOD - WW Geos. Crypto and Casino - direct, with best brokers. We are on a shorthand with Dating adverts and can find you the best deal ;) Traffic sources: social, native...
  3. Asif Siddiqui

    Selling Traffic looking for Direct CPI Offers ( 1 Jump Only )

    Hello Folks, If you have Direct CPI Campaigns ( 1 jumps only ) then let me know. Vertical : Game, Utility , Shopping. Premium Inventory Available from In-App, Mobile Website, Direct PUBLISHER. Our Strong geo : English speaking country. Operating System : Android & IOS. *Note: Only...
  4. K

    Affiliates Wanted Searching for affiliates

    Hey guys! I am looking for affiliates for an affiliate network -, a well established one, working on the CPA model. Our offers are adult dating ones, they are over 12.000, for many different countries. The payments are on weekly basis, with 50$ minimum and can be transferred...
  5. Mike Olvera

    Looking for collaborators for our Blog!

    Have an article or industry insight to share? Join our group of blog collaborators! Our growing community is made up of key players in the performance marketing industry. We will accept posts on all subjects Performance Marketing. If you are interested, please send a direct message. Cheers!
  6. J

    Affiliates Wanted Personal Loans offers - High conversion

    Hi! Looking for affiliates interested in highly converting Personal Loans and PayDay Loans Offers (USA traffic only)! Reach me if you are interested! skype: juliaovejero Thanks! Julia
  7. lafftar

    Offer Wanted Looking for offers that will work well with Models/Actors

    Hi guys, i've been able to build quite a following on Social Media, most of my pages are geared towards Models and Actors looking for work, i'm looking for any offer that pays well and has a decent CR. Any sort of Job offer that can direct link to a Modeling print Job would be absolutely...