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Lew Green here, trying to find answers


Hey, I'm in pergatory. I can not find much resources on the web for how an affiliate advertiser is supposed to set up his site configured for affiliate marketing/CPA networks.

And of course the CPA network I'm trying to advertise on is not being helpful. They're big and successful.

Brrrr, I'm not sure if I can post my specific question here... or it's supposed to go in a tech thread.

Anyway, I used to write movies (google: Lewis A. Green) and even proudly have some rotten tomatoes for them (wasn't my fault, they ruined my scripts) And now I'm an inventor/manufacturer of gadgets.

I've sunk a lot of savings into my first gadget, got a great website up, and now I have to figure out how to sell it on the web -- and how to get some of the major web gift catalogs to carry it.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Lew.

You have a very interesting background.

You did the right thing by not posting your specific question here in the Introduce Yourself Forum since it is only for introductions and welcome messages.

Be sure not to try to ask a bunch of questions in one post to help make it more likely that you will receive an answer.

You have joined a very friendly community and our members are very helpful. I hope you will enjoy being a 5 Star member.