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Lead Automation Real or Fake?

Discussion in 'Lead Generation' started by Make Money Online, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Make Money Online

    Make Money Online Affiliate affiliate

    I had met several offers who are currently sending traffic to the landing page which is come from some automation process. They said no they are real and generate leads. Do you find any type of offer where you can buy automation leads? How does it works, sound like to me scam.
  2. newbidder
  3. Dr. Evil

    Dr. Evil Affiliate affiliate

    One thing you should remember that in affiliate marketing there is no shortcut. In automation process there only bot views or visitors will likely help you for search engine but you'll get 0% of targeted leads. Why not try to buy some volume and check it yourself. Give me the source and I'll review is it working or not.
  4. Anonymous Marketer

    Anonymous Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    One thing you should remember in affiliate marketing "There are no free traffic". If you are working on free traffic which means you spend your time. So time is money. No automation is possible here.
  5. MxyzptlkFishStix

    MxyzptlkFishStix Moderator moderator affiliate

    It's real, but don't expect anyone to share the info on how to do so. The successful people using automation are going left when everyone else is going right. Most people who fail at using automation software just blast marketing messages and expect a boatload of traffic and sales to follow.
  6. Mr. FOX

    Mr. FOX Affiliate affiliate

    I have the question. How could you drive automatic leads? Do you use mass malling to the unknown user? Have you think ever is it legal?
  7. MxyzptlkFishStix

    MxyzptlkFishStix Moderator moderator affiliate

    I use a program that can mass message Youtube commenters. However, unlike most of the lemmings who use the program, I don't send marketing messages or direct them off-site. I'm even selective in the videos I target where I scrape commenter IDs. This is the only manual part that I partake in.

    I "accidentally" give them access in a link to video that is supposed to be private. There's something about human behavior in getting access to something that isn't meant to be shared for free. After exhausting all the means available in finding the rest, they usually go to the source for answers. That source happens to be a specific channel that I've setup that does the work of getting them to one of my opt-ins off-site.

    There's a couple more things that I do that I won't disclose, but it works like hotcakes. Once they opt-in, much like a spider's web, it's pretty much game over.
  8. Mr. FOX

    Mr. FOX Affiliate affiliate

    Great concept. I have used this kind of software before but usually, I send them to direct my landing page that is why I thought this thing is crap. I like the business idea of yours. By the what is the software are you using right now?
  9. HCFGrizzly

    HCFGrizzly Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    If you want to be safe you should follow one important rule: If it sound too good to be true, it probably is. You might find yourself paying for some bot traffic.
    I`m not saying that there aren`t people out there that have automated the getting leads process, I just haven`t met a single one of them.
    And if someone is doing this, do you think they will be willing to share the method with you?
    In general, the only money these people are making is be selling these "methods" or "traffic sources"
  10. MxyzptlkFishStix

    MxyzptlkFishStix Moderator moderator affiliate

    The product is Tube Smart Promoter (homepage).

    It has a three day demo. The product owner is most active at the link below.

    Tube Smart Promoter Thread.


    Sending directly to a landing page using software like this is probably the worst thing you can do. You have to have some serious copy and have in your possession a mephistophelian level product to pull something like that off. The good ol' days of push button riches ended over a decade ago (Search Engine Cloaker/Smart Page Creator/Traffic Equalizer).

    Go read that thread above in it's entirety, takes note of the people that have a clue and do the opposite of the overwhelming majority who are searching/scraping/blasting straight to offer.

    If you go this route, there is some nifty stuff you can do with Youtube that isn't quite advertised or discussed (Youtube Cards/Off-site Tracking Pixel*/Conditional Channel Redirects/Google Analytics). It seems most of the people who use this program seem to forget that people are on YT to watch videos. You have to give them what they want (videos).

    No Hollywood level videos or editing is required. Most of my videos are less than three minutes. I even use audio morphing software to remove my heavy Southern twang/drawl from my voice.

    * = be sure to use a tracker that allows you to load other third party pixels and javascript and it has to be accessible through HTTPS.
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  11. Mr. FOX

    Mr. FOX Affiliate affiliate

    Ya, I heard about that in BBF. But now sure to use them. I used this demo one but couldn't find any result. This is probably I am sending direct affiliate link. But your case study shows different. Do you send them the video link as well? Would you like to share your stats like CTR rates etc? How many accounts are you using right now? Do you use proxies? Sorry to bother you too many questions, I know.
  12. smaxor

    smaxor Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Ha Search Engine Cloaker and Traffic Equalizer.... someone's old school :D

    I got started in this business with Search Engine Cloaker...
  13. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Jason, we don't see enough of you man! Always love the photos you share on FB.
  14. SEO Guru

    SEO Guru Affiliate affiliate

    I found the mass planned was the great automation tool to posting and grow your business in social media. Although you need plenty of accounts and take an in-depth look at your accounts too.

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