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K'word Context Meaning

King Conga

In thinking about collecting as many KW's as possible from as many different contextual angles as I can I wondered if the SE's frown upon KW's like the following example:

My blog that deals with how musicians and other artists maximize the impact of Christian worship on their fellow bretheren. So, while I do have most of my KW's dealing with the musical part of it, I wondered what would happen if I threw in words like "heart condition", "condition of the heart", or just plain "heart"? After all, the ultimate goal in what I do as a worship leader IS to "tenderize" people's hearts.


Linda Buquet

If you are talking about Meta KW, they have absolutely no meaning unless they are also in actual text on the page.

"heart condition" don't know that that would even bring you the right type of visitor. "condition of the heart" does anyone search for that in connection with what you are trying to do? Or just plain "heart"? Use DP KW tool to search for heart related KW. See if anyone searches for things like faithful heart, spiritual hear, Christian heart or anything that relates to what you are trying to get accross.