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'Katrina' - Keyword That Pays MILLIONS



First of all some uptime statistics. Keyword ' Katrina' - 29,100,000 results in Google, 'Katrina hurricane' - 18,600,000 results.

Today I was visiting my favorite Internet marketing blogs. All the blogs had 'Katrina' inside. The same words of sorrow that are converted into generous Google payments from AdSense clicks, more and more every hour.

All Internet is crazy about Katrina, the traffic for the keyword is HUGISSIMUS.

Traffic = Money = MORE MONEY (it's bad they don't have smilies with evil greedy eyes on this forum).

I am not saying people should not talk about disasters, but when you talk and make traffic, try to help.

You know, one thing that was good about this Katrina fuss is the web site '' They are doing good job; they help people, not just make money on notorious events.

That's all I wanted to say. Sorry for bad attitude, but this thing irritated me.

P.S. When apocalypses comes will people still try to get traffic from this word??