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Journey to $1000 dollars a day (net)

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Tychon, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Tychon

    Tychon Affiliate affiliate

    I have already posted this in the introductions but here it is once again:

    Aloha fellow affiliates!
    Hope you all are crushing your 2019 so far.
    A bit about me:
    • 29 year old male from South Africa.
    • Quit the 9-5 in 2016 to pursue my budding Amazon Kindle Publishing business.
    • Automated processes with Amazon and now committed to becoming a super affiliate.
    Courses completed/ In - Proccess: Profit Engine- Gerry Kramer, Commission Rocket - Mark Ling; Affiliate Maretking 2.0 - Charles NGO (Just started)

    Goals: $1000 a day by 1st April.

    Traffic source: Facebook

    I’ll be doing this full time (40hrs+ a week).

    Looking forward to masterminding with you all,
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Anthony.

    Anthony. Affiliate affiliate

    Hey @Tychon hows it going, are you still running this journey? Any updates? :) People can help and maybe have tips if you share progress and ask questions.
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  4. Tychon

    Tychon Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the reply Never Give Up.

    I have decided that I will be updating this thread once a week and giving everyone a rundown on exactly what I have been doing, what's been working and what's not been working as well as my strategy moving forward.

    Last week was a website building week. After doing a few modules in Commission Rocket by Mark Ling I've learned that it is much better to create a fully flegded blog website with a few pages (blog posts, about us, privacy, contact etc) in Facebooks eyes instead of just driving traffic to a one-pager - which will usually end up in account bans or the inability to scale.

    I built two websites in Oxygen builder which is much cheaper than Clickfunnels at $99 once off. The learning curve was slightly steeper, but well worth it since it integrates with wordpress, and we all know you can do alot more with WordPress (button click pixel fires etc)

    I have built two niche websites, one in the female to male dating(ie keep your man, find a man willing to marry niche) and the health/weight loss niche since these seem to be the best sellers is Clickbank. I have also joined A4D and will be starting to run one of their offers in the weight loss niche.

    Another thing to note that I have heard helps:

    Have a face to your brand. I did this by going onto Adobe Stock and downloading entire identities (a few photo's of the same model). I then make this my attractive character, give him/her a name and make them front and centre on the home page so that the traffic that lands on my page will have someone to connect with.
    I've also heard that Facebook lives this.

    Other things I've been doing this week:

    Listening to a lot of iStack Podcasts by Eric Dyck (10 hours+) and watching a fair amount of convention replay where Tim Burd speaks - to me he seems like he is on top of his FB game. Even though it's not entirely relevant to me yet I feel that it will all click once I get there.

    My Stratergy this week:

    Facebook Ad( using Profit Engines intrigue methods)> Quiz warm up page(created in oxygen)> Quiz provided by vendor (aff link).

    I've heard that a quiz warm up page does much better than just sending traffic directly to a quiz from the FB ad so will be first implementing this method.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions, or think I should do something differently...I'm all ears and ready to learn and test whatever comes my way.

    I will be updating this thread every Friday, so chat to you guys again then.

    Hope you absolutely CRUSH this week!

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  5. Anthony.

    Anthony. Affiliate affiliate

    Nice man it seems like you have a good attitude to get this going and most importantly you are taking action!

    First thought that comes to my head is, how good are your page load speeds using website builders etc?
    As you may already know, loading times can lose visitors if it's too much for them to wait.

    My recent site I have got down to 85ms loading time, it's a really important factor to consider.
    I'm not familiar with those methods, but it sounds like you know what you are doing so far.

    Yeah my opinion of a quiz landing page being better is the fact that the visitor invests more time into the website and at the end feels obliged to complete what is necessary.
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  6. Tychon

    Tychon Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the reply, and consideration with regards to load speeds, it is highly appreciated.
    I haven't really noticed any problems with load speed, but then again I have quite a fast internet connection.

    I will only be targeting those connected on wifi (Witgh Facebook) since the VSL on the verticles I will be promoting are usually over 20mins long, and no one will want to watch it if they are not connected and using their own data - I'm hoping this will sort out any issues if there is a chance of slow load speed.

    I also think I will download hotjar/crazyegg to monitor the user experience and see first hand if there are any issues occurring.

    Lastly, if this does prove to be a problem, what do you recommend I build the landing page with and what
    are you currently using?

    Have a spectacular day!
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  7. Anthony.

    Anthony. Affiliate affiliate

    I just do landing pages myself, and for pointers on how to improve pagespeed you can use this tool from google: PageSpeed Insights

    It will analyze and inform you of any improvements you can make.

    Thanks, you too! :D
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  8. msulcs

    msulcs Member Marketplace Seller affiliate

    It's only a week until April 1st.
    Are you close to your goal: $1000 per day?
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  9. JamesCrum

    JamesCrum Affiliate affiliate

    Very good case, I wish you all the best.
    Looking forward to your update.
  10. Tychon

    Tychon Affiliate affiliate

    Unfortunately not as I have experienced a setback with my BM being shut down.

    I'm going for WH leag gen offer now to stay in the clear with FB so will keep you guys updaed on how its going!

    Are you on STM forum?
  11. editory

    editory Affiliate affiliate


    Any updates there?