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[Journey]My modest journey to 20$/day

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by gregplatt, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. gregplatt

    gregplatt Affiliate affiliate

    Hello every one,

    I don't know where to start, as matter of fact i have been in the internet marketing for 1 year,i learn many things and i was working on incentive CPA offers,i was promoting those offers using SEO.

    Actually it's very good method to generate free traffic but it's so difficult to work in ,in addition sometimes google make some crazy updates and you lose everything there for i decide many times to choose another method to earn some money,actually 10$ a day is good here in my country so i was making like 5$-20$ a day with no tools just my laptop and my manual work.

    After about two weeks of thinking i finally decide to go with mobile CPA,because i want to control and have the traffic between my hand,and actually i know people making 100$ a day here in my country but they are very selfishness ,they keep every information they know ,so i have to find the way by my self and of course with your help ,i will be fine.

    I'am poor student from Morocco,i have 22 years old ,i have small family,my mother is seek so i have to work hard to buy her medicament,and also to pay my things..

    This is what i did till now :

    -1)i finally signed up in two networks :
    (in fact i tried to be accepted in the matomy,clickdealer ...with no result).

    -2)i made my account in Adsbridge to track my campaigns.
    -my budget is 300$ (i know it's very low budget but i want to learn and take action,i will start SMALL as much as possible).

    -3)I will promote Arabic offers so i don't know exactly which source of traffic to go with(startapp or facebook ads)Hope you give me some good advice about this point !

    I will keep and update this journey to share with you my progress(sorry my success hehehe:)).

    I love you all of you guys and i wish you all the best.
    I'am really sorry about my English ,i know it's bad but it's my forth language here in my country.i try every day to learn it ,because i love it a lot.


    Greg Platt.
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. IndeXer

    IndeXer Affiliate affiliate

    In my opinion I think you should start your campaign with facebook as Startapp can be little confusing, your journey looks honest and achievable, don't stop until you reach your milestone, I will be subscribing to your thread.

    Good luck for your journey and update it daily to keep us interested.

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  4. gregplatt

    gregplatt Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you a lot brother ,just your replay is a good motivation for me thanks again and again.

    Is it essentiel to get vps ? i have just shared hosting
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  5. Feluba

    Feluba Affiliate affiliate

    Good Luck Pal!

    You will make it, I know $20 per day is really good, actually in any country. My Journey says $100/day, because once I heard, aim high, and If you miss the target, you will hit closer, so hitting high and achieving $20, $30 or $50 is very good for me.

    Take care and work as hard as possible to make this real!

    Talk soon.
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  6. gregplatt

    gregplatt Affiliate affiliate

    Hope we will achieve our goals as soon as possible,for me my target is 10$ so i want to try jumping to 20$ this way i can get 10$ heheheh the same idea
  7. Feluba

    Feluba Affiliate affiliate

    That's the spirit! Will be watching this. Don't give up.
  8. BorntoWin

    BorntoWin Affiliate affiliate

    I think you should make a test with free traffic first (facebook, instagram) . To get a common view to the traffice you want to run ads. After that you can invest money, it'll take more time but less money. I think it will be better for who have less budget like you and me also. :)
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  9. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    I see a man filled full with motivations! And I see this guy started with his first name G and end with T.

    If you, possibly new to paid traffic, what I suggest you is, try cheap traffic sources.
    Pick a mobile traffic sources like @mobicow.

    Spread your budget across 30 days to understand the big picture of your spending.
    I mean don't spend the $300 budget blindly, do some record, trial and error, understand the logic of the funnel between them.

    Goodluck and keep us posting.
  10. gregplatt

    gregplatt Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you a lot i will do my best