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Jai Rajkumar Passes Away

Linda Buquet

Jon from the Wickedfire forums wanted me to pass on some sad news.
This is what he said in his email.

"Jai Rajkumar, Azoogle's biggest affiliate manager passed away over the holiday weekend. He was not only my AM, but a very good and close friend. If you could help spread the word about it to other folks in the industry, I would really appreciate it. I wrote a eulogy/letter for him on WickedFire, so please send everyone here:"

It's terrible news overall, because Jai was only 27 yrs old. I didn't know him at all, but after reading all the tender replies over at WickedFire I almost feel like I did. My heart goes out to him and his family.

If you knew Jai and want to say something you can join the eulogy thread or contribute something to the slideshow Jon is making for the family. The instructions are over there.