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It's not about what you do its...


Your probably wondering what on earth do I mean with that title but in a moment it will ring very true for you. I will share some disadvantages that this presents and the results it produces when used correctly.

Ok, sorry! I might have rambled on again so heres the point in its plainest truth. It’s not about what you do it’s who you are being in your business! That simple. Is your conviction and passion come from the products your promote and sell or are they just good for bringing in that nice monthly check, or the thought of it at least?

Whatever passion you have for any product is what will be communicated and its also heard if you promote solely based on your personal economics.
You see, marketing has really nothing to do with us and everything to do with the consumer. What you sow your will reap (law of attraction). It’s a proven law and works every time. I’m not saying not to focus on your dreams, wants and desires but don’t invite that in when your marketing and talking to clients and prospects because your agenda will communicate.

I will always remember a quote once said by one of my top marketer’s on the definition of marketing:

“The art and science of marketing if giving 110% of everything you have, all of your resources, empowering, communicating and developing relationships with people based on their needs not your own.”

The above definition has been proven to work time and time again when people switch their mindset when promoting. Have business integrity and care for the consumer in wanting to help opposed to manipulating them will all fancy marketing tools and techniques (no accusations are being made).

So in summary you want to build your business from your true passions and interests opposed to solely on the financial end result. This way you will gain long-term respect and recognition opposed to seeing through these tactics and the individual in the end.

I hope this helped many people.

Here’s another quote you will enjoy:

PRE-QUOTE: Steve Forbes speaks at a meeting on the ingredient of his business success.

“Our thought process is how we can further meet what our customers wants further and beyond what they would expect. We do not hold meetings and discuss how much income we want to generate and ways that we can generate an abundance of wealth.”
~ Steve Forbes

I’m sure that the above statement will change your business as much as it did mine.

Linda Buquet

Dorian I said it in another post, but want to say it again.
You are an inspiration!

So glad you are an active member of our forum!

Since affiliate marketing is tough and can be a VERY lonely, isolated business, affiliates need an extra super duper dose of positive inspiration.

Thanks for sharing your positive attitude with us all!


New Member
Hi Dorian,

Thank you for your post, it's simply an inspiration!

I would like to add that the true wealth in life is not only about money, it's about every aspect of your life and money is simply one of the aspects. here a website i recommend to everyone, especially the book that comes with:

The Soul of Money Institute: Transforming Your Relationship With Money

It change your vision about our relationship with money. I strongly recommend the book "Soul of Money" from the author Lynn Twist.

Do you know the wheel of balance? You can seperate your wheel in different aspects like, spirituality, love, friends, work, health, etc. and there the true wealth in my definition is that we should work on all of each aspect to pursuit hapiness and internal peace. Yes, it's a little of philosophy this morning but I truly believe it's a good way to see things in life.

I work 40 hours a week in the corporate world (which I want to leave sometimes in 2008) with stress, deadlines, projects, etc. but I spend another 20 hours a week (part time) on my business (like contributing to this forum) but I don't feel I am working because I love it and I like to grow through this industry. There's so much to do, to learn and to share.

Here a little 10 minute video you should love:

The Nature of Success Movie

I watch it every week!

Keep it up with your inspiration Dorian!


Great Movie. I absolutely enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

Every great people say it again and again. The same secrets to success. Some heard it but didn't take any action. Some just miss the whole point.

How can we have more money when we feel we did not deserve to have more?

How can we have more when we are not serving more people and creating tremendous value?

The path of an affiliate marketer is not lonely because energy vibration is felt across the borders. With the passion, I believe all possibilities can be achieved


Linda Buquet

"The path of an affiliate marketer is not lonely because energy vibration is felt across the borders. With the passion, I believe all possibilities can be achieved"

Beautifully said!


New Member
Very well said Dorian. Like in any other career, you really need the passion in order to succeed. You have to love what you're doing to be more productive. I guess that's one of the reasons why people in the corporate world shift to affiliate marketing. They're looking for something different, something they've always wanted to try but didn't want to take the risk. Eventually, they end up finding their passion and become more motivated.