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Is minimalist always the way to go when creating a website?

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by youandthesix, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. youandthesix

    youandthesix Affiliate affiliate

    I've always done minimalist, to me is the design that appeals the most. It looks hip, clean, quick, and just all around nice and visually pleasing to users. However like I said I've always done this and lately I've been trying to steer away from it and give a bit more flair but the end product is usually something I can't stand. Either it looks as if you're trying to hard or it simply looks like garbage. It might be because I've done minimalist design so much that I don't actually know how to do anything else.

    What are others thoughts on this? How can I do something other than minimal design, or should I even bother switching it up?
  2. Voluum