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Is GPT saturated?

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by SayMyName, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. SayMyName

    SayMyName Affiliate affiliate

    I see so many GPT sites and it seems to have gotten saturated, can you still make money?
  2. terraleads
  3. CreativesLinda

    CreativesLinda Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Well, look at it this way. In the offline world, especially here in the U.S., there can be many brick and mortar stores like grocery stores or home improvement stores, etc., in a very small area. The same can be said for fast food restaurants. Sometimes you can go down a street and, one right after the other, you'll see a McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc. But while they have the same business model, fast food, they all offer different products, promotions, and ways of doing business. That can be applied to GPT sites. The main premise of GPT sites is to pay members to complete offers, but if you come up with a unique idea and have great ways to promote, you most certainly can make money.
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  4. KSixJeremy

    KSixJeremy Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It's absolutely saturated, but if you stand out and offer something new and exciting you can be successful. I wouldn't suggest using a typical script and keeping things at default, because you really want to have an interactive platform that can keep users on your site.

    Are you thinking of setting one up?
  5. SayMyName

    SayMyName Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, what do you mean different like a different niche?

    Are they hard to maintain?
  6. spsp29

    spsp29 Affiliate affiliate

    It's been saturated since about 2010. Now anyone can get a site up and going for little to no $, make a quick buck then close up shop.

    Have seen it too many times over and over.

    People need to find a site and stick with it and not move on to every new site that opens up.

    They all have the same offers, same look and feel so if you do find a GPT site that is offering something (other than games, etc.) and have offers you don't normally see anywhere else, they are probably not on the up and up.

    Some of the older sites can get special permission to run certain offers, but you better have a good rep to back up the traffic.

    Most of the time, it's someone running a non incent hoping to not get caught, running the offer as a paying offer AND as a CPC to drive lots of "clicks" but not a lot of completions to not look as suspicious.
  7. guardian

    guardian Affiliate affiliate

    It is definitely saturated, and becoming ever more so by the day. For GPT sites to survive they have to be reliable, consistent, honest and cynical at the same time, and offer something different than the hundreds of other GPT sites out there.

    Most of the new startups are not making money due to the initial costs of entry and then the costs of driving activity. Unless you have a guaranteed member base to start out, it is not going to be easy.
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  8. Cavalier07

    Cavalier07 Affiliate affiliate

    All I would say is be different, be active and build up a good community around your site, you also need to keep evolving and try to be one step ahead of everyone else which can be difficult. Once you build up trust with your members you will soon be the only site they visit.
  9. spook2992

    spook2992 Affiliate affiliate

    Actually give what you promised after the survey and your site will grow like wild fire from word of mouth.

    Otherwise your traffic can be slow, but it is still possible to make money yes.

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