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Interview with Servando Silva


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Without a long preface, an interview with Servando Silva about work, results, interesting cases, insights of 2021, as well as thoughts about what awaits affiliate marketing in the upcoming 2022!

Servando Silva – affiliate marketer, blogger, leader of affLIFT forum community, speaker. In affiliate marketing since 2012 and over 8 years of experience. Servando started out with SEO and organic traffic on FB and then switched to paid advertising. Works with various traffic resources and trends.

In your opinion, how was 2021 for the affiliate marketing market?

In my opinion it was a decent year. Probably nothing to brag about for a ton of affiliates, but not as bad as it could have been or as 2020 when the pandemic hit and everything was unstable.

Are you satisfied with your results for the year?

Yes, this year was pretty solid in terms of numbers for me and while there were no huge months, steady wins the race.
I hope this was the same case for a lot of affiliates or if you’re new in the industry, I hope you learned as much as possible so you can kill it next year.

Is the glass half empty or half full? In your opinion, affiliate marketing is still alive or outdated?

Still alive, but as usual, it’s always evolving. The same methods don’t bring the same results and some traffic sources are getting harder to tame. But also I noticed a few new opportunities and being an affiliate who knows marketing is a skill that can be applied to many other areas, such as eCommerce, lead generation, etc. and that works for many companies no matter which industry you’re in.

I guess the moment where you just rely on aggressive affiliate offers is getting harder and needs to be updated. Luckily, there are a few networks that are already doing it and they’re going to seize a bigger piece of the cake eventually.

Discovery of the year? The vertical, the offer, the ad format, whatever you think influenced the market.

I’m not sure I could say there was a vertical or new ad format which turned out to be a huge trend this year. The only one I can remember right now are iOS calendar notifications, but I wouldn’t say they were disruptive or anything like that.

Just a new format to test and expand your current campaigns, with its own pros and cons.

Disappointment of the year?

Hmmm, I think I’m going to go with the FB iOS 14 Update. This update was supposed to roll out last year but it kept being delayed until around Q2 this year and we definitely noticed the lack of information in terms of tracking and conversions since then.

There are a ton of trackers or tools that are able to help with it but even if they pass back information to FB it won’t matter if the user opted out for privacy reasons, so overall, FB has been quite the ride this year and I know a ton of affiliates, agencies and media buyers struggling with it.

Oh, and they also announced a similar feature that went live with iOS 15 for emails, so here they come again for email marketers. Not that this is completely related to FB, as Apple seems to be the culprit here, but the platform surely has changed in the last 3-4 years.

Where do you get the strength and inspiration to work in AM?

Reading blogs, groups, Twitter, etc. as well as chatting with friends occasionally in forums, Skype, Telegram, etc.

What are your predictions for 2022?

I don’t know, really. It feels to me like it’s going to be another steady year for those who are in this industry.
Also, there was a huge attention shift to the crypto markets with the bull run this year, and it seems like it could extend itself to 2022 a bit more.

Wherever there’s money, affiliates are going to be, but what happens after that cycle ends… who knows...

What would you like to wish your colleagues for in the new year?

I wish you tons of traffic, tons of sales and conversions and a happy new year!
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New necessary SEO trends for more traffic

All the trends are usually changing as they adapt to reality. So you learn new SEO tips and after it something happens. You reached the top tier of SEO stardom, but suddenly you are moved to page 2, 5 or even 10. So why is it going on? What happened?

It is all because SEO trends pop up. So ranking changes and does not stay stable. Online advertising is taken by storm. One should get all the new hints immediately and use them properly.

So let’s discuss some hot SEO trends one by one. All of them are useful and well working for you to monetize your web page and raise your revenues.

SEO trends and the Google EAT Principle

The most successful and working content is connected with Google EAT principle. It is a factor about site rankings. EAT is Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Three main determining factors to evaluate and rank a site. So one must pay attention to the next things in order to make one’s web page ranked high.

Only facts and statistics, using fact checking
Links to verified and and tested pages
Backlinking only with sites in the same niche
Making expert posts

Use Semantically Related Keywords

Nowadays standard key words do not play any leading role in ranking. Google puts a lot more semantic keywords than ever before. Language must be natural and words must be human.
One should certainly research and know all the audience and choose semantically related keywords according to the research. This is the way to boost and increase your ranks. Get the reasons why users come to your page, pinpoint the most accurate semantically related keywords. There are lots of SEO tools for that. Use like 10 words not more, keyword spam does no good now.

Localize Keywords

The audience differs. So keywords for various regions are various too. Check all the localized goods and services. Modify and test. The targeting must become better. This idea works great when it comes to smaller, localized businesses. Like small shops, restaurants, coffee shops, whatever is popular within the area. If the keys are exact and the backlinks are adopted to your area, there will be more niche clicks and higher rankings.

Long-Form Content

The onsite content which is longer and more detailed gives more authority. Google ranks high on all the pages which have well-researched, information-rich content. All this is placed in front of the audience. The more research is done, the more rank you have. The size of articles for high ranks is like 3000 words, but mostly the articles are like 1000-2000 words. If you want a good boost, pay attention to well done content. And do not forget about the subheadings H2-H3 and backlinks.

Data and Analytics

All the data is important to check and improve Google ranks. So use top tools for the right analytics in place. The most common is Google Analytics, it is popular, useful and tracks all the website data. Bounce rate, time spent on site, best and worst ranked articles, site/page loading times, redirects and even more. You get all the analytics and compare your web pages. What’s falling behind? Improve it and even hide those pages you do not want to be indexed. The main point is to make sure to use proper tools and analyze well. Right after this you will be able to monetize users’ interests by increasing onsite content of a similar nature.

Image Optimization

Visual part of the content is rather important too. It gains more and more value with every passing year. Some tips about image optimization are the next.
  • Check the sizes, they are various for mobiles and desktops
  • Use original pictures if you can
  • Caption all the images
  • Use JPEG for colorful images
  • Use the right structure of taggings
  • One image is for one content part
This is all in brief about the hot trending SEO tips. You must research of course to make better conclusions with your testing and practicing. And the best practice is with our ad platform - so go and start!
Great interview indeed, some of the most significant questions were highlighted here, and I agree with the most conclusions. Servando is really someone from who you can learn a lot and it's so valuable that we have this kind of person in the affiliate marketing community, many other aspects of marketing aren't that well covered as this one.

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SEO and content for webpage traffic growth

A new website always needs some time and energy because the first few months require a traffic increase. The growth must be vital and organic. And before you start your actions, let Vimmy remind you about two important points for a traffic boost. We shall speak about SEO and content.


All you may need are just new theories, fundamental tips, a little patience while working, and in some cases, the right tools for improving your ranks.

Building Solid Backlinks

This is important for gaining credibility when the sites that reference you are industry titans. The sources of backlinks must be well known and have a good Google rank.

Here our team gives you some basic ways to generate backlinks.

1. Link sharing
Choose some web pages which are close to your webpage. The niche and aim must be similar. If you sell coffee cups you may backlink to some coffee beans sellers and they may backlink too. This is how it is done. Traffic would be referral. Efforts are not too huge. And the result would be stable and good.

2. Guest Posting
You may use guest posts for increasing your backlinks. Find some webpages similar to yours and make some guest posts or comments. Some opinions, thoughts, ideas, articles, forum posts, whatever. Do not spam. Just be active and join communities.

3. Finding backlink opportunities
Do a total check if all the backlinks refer to your webpage. If not, correct them. Do this sometimes and make sure if all the links are working, refresh them if needed. Delete all the error 404 links, dead URLs are a bad thing.

Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

Not everyone uses this tip. But they work well. And you have less concurrent, so do not forget to use this ranking boost. When you combine like 3 words or more, you reach your audience better. Your conversion climbs up. Check some long-tails which are popular within your niche to increase your ranks. You may use “Google Suggest” while typing keywords in Google or use some software, like Google Trends, Longtail Pro, Answer the Public.

Revamping & Upgrading your Website

Page Speed

A slow download may ruin your ranks. Check if your pages are fast or not. Optimize all images, test videos, reduce redirects, compress pages if necessary.

Mobile Friendliness
Do not forget about mobile optimization. Reduce images for mobile suitableness, make fonts larger, make designs more simple, increase your CTA button size.

Writing the Right Meta-Descriptions

Here you may use some keywords and pull interest back to your pages. Concise, informative and keyword heavy meta-descriptions must be to inform users what the content looks like. Users want to know more about your offers before clicking. Give them some attractive information.


Content is your main point if you want clicks and conversions. Anyway it helps to stand out from dozens of other web pages. So you have to work well to gain your ranks. Vimmy gives you some hints.

Landing Pages

Well done landings lead your users to your page. They are broadcasting, they tell about you and your offers and point to your contacts. You may use tips like discount coupons, promo codes, free guides, tutorials. All this is a useful leadmagnite.
Do not miss using attention-grabbing headlines, targeted messages and combine an ultra-strong call to action. Your clicks will be rising.

Optimize Old Content

Get a blog and optimize it regularly. Update your old posts to gain more relevancy, redo it all using the next tips.
  • Refresh all posts with new hashtags. Reflect all new - features, thoughts, services
  • Refresh headline images
  • Put more necessary keywords in texts, raise word amount in every post, 1000 words is good, but better is more
  • Add paragraph structure, check sentence length to improve readability
  • Add more links to previous related posts and materials
  • Backlink to related sites
Repurpose content to other channels

You may remake your webpage content into other content formats. There are some ways to repurpose and upgrade the output and visibility of your texts or whatever else.
You may make parts of a text and turn it into a video tutorial or manual about your products. People would be interested to watch it in parts, and you may tease them by telling them that the next part would be coming soon.

Some texts about trends-2020 may be remade like trends-2021. You may refresh, update info, backlink and rewrite something. There are dozens of possibilities to create well-performing, information-rich content. And traffic will be moving to your page again and again. You may produce lots of variants about your product and goods. There are “How to” Tutorials, product recommendations, video reviews, FAQ pages, supporting articles, news and updates. Just use your imagination and mind.
And of course use Vimmy to monetize it all.