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Gold Internet Marketing Simulator *PRESS START*

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by djcrunk, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. djcrunk

    djcrunk Affiliate affiliate


    Hello again my affiliate friendos :cool:

    Hope everyone is having an amazingly fun & profitable week, and if you aren’t, go hustle some more! Today I wanna share something really cool I found around the web by chance…


    You know how I love doing internet marketing, launching campaigns everyday, watching them make money or crash & burn in flames, is fun either way lol. But I’m also a geek who loves videogames. So Startup Alley is pretty awesome, cause it combines the two things I enjoy the most in the world. This is seriously like nothing I have seen before, and if you have please share, cause I’m always up to try amazing stuff.

    It is basically a videogame that teaches you “The Game” of making money online, doing internet marketing campaigns, the right way. So I tried it out of curiosity and was gladly surprised about how good it was. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing in real life full time (like for a living) and still got to learn, remember and understand some very important technics.

    That’s why I think it would be a great learn & practice tool for most people in the Fix. And that’s why I really recommend it for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros, cause at the very least you will have a great time playing it… and still learn some stuff. It is The SIMS for affiliates yo! ;)

    Right now is in open beta, and only the first two levels are available (more to open up), but you have more than enough for a good time and awesome practice, FOR FREE. I think they gonna add a subscription model later and start charging monthly, so if I was you, I’d take the chance to play it for free while it lasts. My boy K-man may be able to get you some special offer for Fixers later, but right now it costs a big fat Zero to try, so what are you waiting for, a kiss? I have girlfriend! (yiddish accent)

    BTW The guy behind it is Jason Akatiff from A4D, one of the most respected people in our industry, and a lot of super affiliates you admire have worked with him already, including Charles Ngo himself. So you know high quality will be delivered.

    Right now it focus on facebook, but the principles can be applied to any campaign, in any traffic source or vertical really. So have fun playing it, getting closer to being a badass affiliate baller, without the risk of losing your shirt. And if you love it as much as I do, leave some feedback in the game’s board as well, so they can make it even more awesome.

    PLAY, LEARN & EARN. To your success, cheers!

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  2. newbidder
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    This is an overdue opportunity in my opinion. I discussed this a couple of years ago with some affiliates and a network owner in Vegas. They were not impressed. This will help a lot of Newbies and in turn help the networks, if done correctly.
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  4. DareToDream

    DareToDream Affiliate affiliate

    This is amazing. Thank you for the share.
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  5. smaxor

    smaxor Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Thanks so much for the kind words. We've been working on this product for around 3 years now. I know long long time right?

    The goal with the platform is for people to learn the basic mechanics for media buying in a simple fun environment. I'm a huge gamer and always have been since I was a kid. Playing video games you learn skills, just most of them aren't directly applicable to helping you further your career. So this is the gap we're looking to bridge.

    Here's a few of the basic mechanics we're going to brainwash you with so it's like second nature to you:

    Making industry vocabulary second nature.
    - ctr
    - cpc
    - cpm
    - budgets
    - bid prices

    Getting in the repetition of focusing on parts of ads and what components impact things in what way
    - image
    - headline
    - body

    Basics tips and tricks for copy writing
    Split testing

    Is this game going to make you an expert? No!

    But it will teach you the basics of what's going on so you have a comfort level with the core functionality of the business. It'll teach you through repetition in a fun filled environment so you're not solely focused on learning but rather just playing a fun game.

    Go play it and check it out while it's still free. I really look forward to hearing all of your feedback.

    Jason Akatiff
    Founder & CEO of A4D, Pixlwise and Viderian
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  6. dhoward

    dhoward Affiliate affiliate

    Great share, keep up the awesome work!
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  7. TheDanmit

    TheDanmit Affiliate affiliate

    Looks good! I gonna try it guys and give you review
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  8. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    I remember that was a thread on STM about an affiliate marketing game and Jason replied. It might work if it was combined with reality(I had an idea about this few years ago). Like effectively integrate it with affiliate network, tracker, give steps and when they reach some milestones(not necessary profits) give experience points/level up etc.

    Milestones like:
    - integrate with a tracker and check that(for ex. first 10 landers added) - unfortunately only Voluum has a working API
    - first campaign setup
    - first 100 hits
    - 1st conversion
    - 10 conversions
    - first $100

    This would be 10x times more effective as learning platform if is done right. Of course, at first, should be only the game to get users hooked, than it should evolve slowly to reality.
  9. Sale*

    Sale* Affiliate affiliate

    WOW can't wait to get through this one
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  10. hbo99

    hbo99 Affiliate affiliate

    Can i ask if anyone has finished this game/course and if they learned much before i get started?
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  11. Listingz

    Listingz Affiliate affiliate

    What a clever idea man thank you, when does it launch fully? what will it cost?
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  12. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    This is pretty cool! Thanks for the share, I'll definitely be trying it out.
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  13. migenzie

    migenzie Affiliate affiliate

    I just finished level 1 and am currently on level 2. As a newb in affiliate marketing, I'm actually learning a bit from the game :) Cool post!
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  14. Neo

    Neo Affiliate affiliate

    Great game for newbies and you can really learn cool stuff about ads ;)
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  15. TippiE

    TippiE Affiliate affiliate

    This is a really great way to teach people about internet marketing if you ask me.
    You can monetize this easily.
  16. manishshah

    manishshah Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome Information..Thank You
  17. qrezl

    qrezl Affiliate affiliate

    cant play to level 3 :'(
  18. cpb333

    cpb333 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the great information. Finished level 2, waiting for the rest of the levels to open up...
  19. K.Hoogje

    K.Hoogje Affiliate affiliate

    WOW this is really amazing man! :)

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