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Interesting Way to Make a Little Extra Money


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I've been a member of the Spree shopping network for a few years, and have made a decent amount of extra cash with them just from my own personal purchases and telling a few others about it. When you sign up with a free account on Spree, you get a certain percentage cashback on all your purchases, and also on purchases made by people who have signed up based on your referral, and their referral, etc... up to 5 levels deep. The more people you refer who purchase, the more you make.

It's a nice way to make a little extra money, and every little bit helps. I've mainly referred friends and co-workers to Spree, and it has paid off pretty nicely, considering I really haven't ever had to do anything to market it. Spree is a nice easy way to make a little extra money.
Here's my referral link if interested: <a href=""></a> - earn cash back on every purchase. :)

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Linda Buquet

Sorry to have to edit your affiliate link. You wrote a nice little article and posted your link in a way I did not think was too spammy. Problem is, if I let one person post a link everyone will and this will be a link farm instead of a discussion forum. I've tried being lenient in the past and too many would abuse the privledge.